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Website created October 2000 for the boys and girls of the
former Bonny Oaks School, Chattanooga, Tennessee


Each year we gather at the Statue
on the last Saturday in April

Please make plans to be at the Statue
Saturday April 25, 2020

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5114 Bonny Oaks Drive
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37416

Welcome to the official, non-profit website created for the boys and girls of the former Bonny Oaks School in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Hi, I am Christine Haven, your Webmaster.  You can always find me at texasbonny@yahoo.com
It is the intention of this website to give the former children of the Bonny Oaks School and Vine Street Children's Home an avenue to help visit their past and hopefully renew old friendships.  NoBOS_Clinic.jpg (25643 bytes) barn.jpg (26879 bytes) matter how or why we arrived at the homes, we were there as children, and share that common bond.


Please use your website for the outlet it was intended and enjoy it's pages.  

bonny_oaks_school_1960's.jpg (18063 bytes)

   Little Girls Building      Big Girls Building


Bonny Oaks Bus

SPECIAL RECOGNITION to Jesse and Pauline Presley for submitting their personal photo albums from their Bonny Oaks years.  All the sports pictures and related newspaper articles, student's group photos on the "Photo Albums" page, staff members pictures and at least 80% of the Acorns bulletins were submitted by them.  I hope the pictures will bring back lots of fun memories to you.  If it does, why not drop them a line to let them know. 

Please visit your website often as alumni signups could change daily.  BOS_Chapel.jpg (25198 bytes) BOS_Little_Boys_Bldg.jpg (24267 bytes)  

"Any pictures of yourself ("then" or "now"), copies of the "Acorns" bulletins, suggestions, ideas and comments, etc. for submittals to this website are welcomed."

If you are a visitor to this page and you know someone that lived at Bonny Oaks, please pass the web address on to them so they may participate.

True to our country's heritage, true to our Bonny Oaks home, we said the Pledge of Allegiance at school on campus every day:

"I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic, for which it stands
One Nation Under God,
Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice
for All."

Legally, It Has To Be Said: "It is important to note that although we share a common bond from childhood, our lives today dictate that we utilize common sense in connecting with old friends and that we BOS_Office_Bldg.jpg (26838 bytes) have respect for each other and each others family.  When using the communication facilities herein you agree not to defame, abuse, harass, threaten, or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.  Additionally, no one is to publish, post, distribute, or disseminate any defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, or unlawful material or information on this website in the event interactive activities become available, i.e. chat room, bulletin boards, guestbook, etc.  All correspondence and submissions to this website become sole property of the website, unless so-stated in writing, free and clear of any interest of the person(s) who created or transmitted the material and will be deemed as their submission and approval to be included on this website, thereby becoming a member of the website and the website's charter, bonnyoaksdotcom, no membership dues are accepted.  Website is sole property of Webmaster, any outside contributions, monetary or otherwise, does not constitute ownership or part ownership in website, nor any  rights to it's access.  Submitted material may be used without any obligation to compensate the person(s) who created or transmitted it.  This website is not to be used for commercial business purposes nor for other individual parties purposes without permission of the Webmaster.  This website is chartered as "bonnyoaksdotcom", a nonprofit website, with the State of Tennessee.
All Material, Images and Creative Content of this Website are Copyrighted.
Basically, use good judgment and enjoy this web site as it is intended and in good taste."

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Web Developer Certificate

If presumed this site is in conflict with any official status connected to the Bonny Oaks School, please notify the Webmaster immediately at  texasbonny@yahoo.com and every effort will be taken to resolve it.
Thank you,
Christine G. Haven, Webmaster

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Click on Picture to read sign

Coming or going, it was the first and last thing we always saw.
Remember? "The Bonny Oaks Sign"!

All Material, Images and Creative Content of this Website are Copyrighted.