1898 - 1945
Bonny Oaks' Scrapbooks

1898-1945-cd1-pgs 44-56

Scrapbook Pages 44 through 56 (32 Photographs)

Item Pictures Description
1 May 1945 - Eva Jo Mason, former student
2 Mary Ann Camp and Charles Camp
3 World War II Christmas Letter to Bonny Oaks' Boys and Girls serving in the Armed Forces.  Letter was not scanned fully - will contact Library to  obtain full copy for website.
4 Robert (Bobby) Knox, former student, pictured with his brothers and father.
5 Four boys standing with woman.  Names unavailable.
6 Planting crop - no names on picture
7 Plowing field.
8 Group of boys - one name "J. Lindsey"
9 Boys and tractor in field.
10 Juanita Drew's daughter.
11 May 1941 - Bonny Oaks School's 8th Grade Graduates


12 1898-1945-050.jpg (29562 bytes) Scrapbook page of Bonny Oaks Boys in the Service being honored on radio show.
13 March 1943 - Newspaper article reporting that Stanley Woody and Harrison McMillan, World War II Bonny Oaks boys, were killed in action.  But, Stanley Woody was not killed, he had swam 30 miles to shore when his ship, the Houston, sank.  He was captured by Japanese soldiers in Java and was a Prisoner of War for three years, forced into labor building "death railways through the jungles of Burma".  Stanley Woody and his sister, Clara, were at the 2002 Reunion!
14 March 1943 Newspaper article continued.
15 World War II - Honor Roll of Bonny Oaks' Boys and Girls in Armed Forces
16 Raymond Prater - England duty
17 Our boys in uniform
18 World War II Newspaper article - end of article.
19 Lieutenant Clara Mae Woody - Nurse in the Navy
20 Boys swimming in creek - one is holding little girl - Bobby Page is handwritten name on picture.
21 Boys in the Creek on raft.
22 Pitching a tent.
23 Mr. Lindsey and Little Boys group
24 Close-up of Mr. Lindsey and the Little Boys group.
25 Boys and boat in creek.
26 Man plowing in field.
27 Duncan's Creek
28 Close-up of Boys in Duncan's Creek
29 Ed Brinkley - Postcard from Germany (large, longer loading time)
30 Ed Brinkley - Postcard from Germany (large, longer loading time)
31 Typed list of names of Boys and Girls names in the Armed Services - World War II
32 Close-up of Honor Roll list above.