Bonny Oaks' Scrapbooks

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13 1954-1964-013.jpg (75114 bytes)

1958 - The Fifth Washington, D.C. Trip

Newspaper article of Bonny Oaks Students leaving on "Good Citizenship Tour".

Group:  Barbara Cate, Patricia Tankersley, Sandra Cyr, Yvonne Harris, Linda Tankersley, Lamar Watkins, Wanda Tankersley, Rebecca Essex, Frank Skiles, Carolyn Tankersley, Ronald Turner, Larry Dunn, Albert Burgess, Sharon Gattis (Vine Street), Janice Gallahan (Vine Street), John Bramlett (Junior Guide).  Adults:  Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm M. Adamson and Warren Dodd (driver).

14 1954-1964-014.jpg (53051 bytes) 1959 - Sixth Washington D.C. Trip

Group:  Freddy Payne, Mikey Miolen, Eddie Green, Jimmy Tucker, Bob Bramlett, John Sutton, Luther Stevenson, Marcella Shell, Patsy Miolen, Ann Lusk, Billie Morris, Helen Bolt, Karen Graham and Elizabeth Green.  Adults:  Mr. and Mrs. Adamson, Miss Clingam, Andy Fults (driver).

14a 1954-1964-014a.jpg (122819 bytes)

1959 - The Sixth Washington, D.C. Trip

8/1/1959 - Close-up of newspaper picture.

15 1954-1964-015.jpg (82751 bytes) 1959  Four Group pictures.
15a 1954-1964-015a.jpg (60465 bytes) Close-up of first group picture in #4 above in front of the bus.
15b 1954-1964-015b.jpg (74678 bytes) Close-up of second group picture in #4 above at Davy Crockett's homeplace.
15c 1954-1964-015c.jpg (45210 bytes) Close-up of third group picture in #4 above in front of the bus.
15d 1954-1964-015d.jpg (53200 bytes) Close-up of fourth group picture in #4 above at Monticello, Virginia.
16 1954-1964-016.jpg (75780 bytes)

1960 - The Seventh Washington, D.C. Trip

Four group pictures.

16a 1954-1964-016a.jpg (34438 bytes) Close-up of first group picture at the Monticello, Virginia, in #9 above.
16b 1954-1964-016b.jpg (47304 bytes) Close-up of second group picture in #9 above surrounding a picnic table for a break.
16c 1954-1964-016c.jpg (46942 bytes) Close-up of third group picture in #9 above in Arlington, Virginia.
16d 1954-1964-016d.jpg (83185 bytes) Close-up of fourth group picture in #9 above at Monticello, Virginia.
17 1954-1964-017.jpg (68411 bytes) Three pictures on Scrapbook page.
17a 1954-1964-017a.jpg (66129 bytes) Close-up of first picture at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in #17 above.
17b 1954-1964-017b.jpg (35010 bytes) Close-up of second picture of Iwo Jima Memorial statue in #17 above.
17c 1954-1964-017c.jpg (52730 bytes) Close-up of third picture which is Mr. Andy Fults (driver) in #17 above.
18 1954-1964-018.jpg (71979 bytes) Full page of group's 1960 trip.  At about this point in building the scrapbooks, Mrs. Costello started slanting the pictures.  So, when I cropped out the individual pictures I began to rotate the drastically slanted ones digitally for better viewing.
18a 1954-1964-018a.jpg (54366 bytes) Group at the Lewis Court Motel where they stayed their first night of the trip.
18b 1954-1964-018b.jpg (50538 bytes) Nancy Tankersley, Linda Stevenson and Ruthie Lovelace at the Lincoln Memorial.
18c 1954-1964-018c.jpg (43108 bytes) Group at Andrew Johnson's tailor shop in Greenville, Tennessee.
19 1954-1964-019.jpg (69053 bytes) Full page scan.
19a 1954-1964-019a.jpg (85584 bytes) Group at the Supreme Court, Washington, D.C.
19b 1954-1964-019b.jpg (124624 bytes) Group at the Monticello.
19c 1954-1964-019c.jpg (87560 bytes) Group looking out from Skyline Drive.
19d 1954-1964-019d.jpg (86623 bytes) Group at the Monticello.
19e 1954-1964-019e.jpg (34180 bytes) Close-up of group at the Monticello. Original picture was blurry.
20 1954-1964-020.jpg (63252 bytes) Left - Deer by road.  Right - Fort Lewis Court motel, where group stayed first night of trip.
21 1954-1964-021.jpg (70066 bytes) August 1960 - Full page scan.
21a 1954-1964-021a.jpg (50788 bytes) Tomb of Unknown Soldier - 3 Guards
21b 1954-1964-021b.jpg (38493 bytes) Tomb of Unknown Soldier - 3 Guards
21c 1954-1964-021c.jpg (43698 bytes) United States Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution at the Archives Building, Washington, D.C.
21d 1954-1964-021d.jpg (40984 bytes) Original art of the Surrender of Cornwallace hanging in the Capitol.
21e 1954-1964-021e.jpg (55959 bytes) Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Nancy Tankersley looking at the Guard
21f 1954-1964-021f.jpg (57450 bytes) Archives Building - Looking at the Declaration of Independence and Constitution display.  Mrs. Adamson, followed by Clarence Sumner and Harry Jackson.
22 1954-1964-022.jpg (67252 bytes) Full page scan.
22a 1954-1964-022a.jpg (53945 bytes) Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Guards
22b 1954-1964-022b.jpg (41808 bytes) Group at Skyline Drive - Back to front:  Clarence Sumner, Harry Jackson, Boy in hat unidentified, Charles Haven (looking down), Douglas Hawk, James Evitt, and Billy Snyder
22bb 1954-1964-022bb.jpg (52110 bytes) Names of boys in picture #22b above.
22bbb 1954-1964-022button.jpg (21303 bytes) Lincoln Memorial roof and columns around "Tennessee" inscription.
22c 1954-1964-022c.jpg (45943 bytes) Tomb of Unknown soldier and Michael Adamson.
22d 1954-1964-022d.jpg (36046 bytes) Close-up of Michael Adamson by guard.
22e 1954-1964-022e.jpg (56421 bytes) Lincoln Memorial roof and columns around "Kentucky and Tennessee" inscriptions.
23 1954-1964-023.jpg (86558 bytes) Full page scan.
23a 1954-1964-023a.jpg (49919 bytes) Mrs. Adamson and Nancy Tankersley - Lincoln Memorial
23b 1954-1964-023b.jpg (50130 bytes) Linda Stevenson - Jefferson Memorial
23c 1954-1964-023c.jpg (45291 bytes) Mrs. Adamson - Jefferson Memorial
23d 1954-1964-023d.jpg (82302 bytes) Michael Adamson - Monticello
23e 1954-1964-023e.jpg (57730 bytes) Nancy Tankersley (leaning against column) and Michael Adamson (center) - Supreme Court Building
24 1954-1964-024.jpg (66666 bytes) Full page scan.
24a 1954-1964-024a.jpg (43236 bytes) Charlie Haven and Michael Adamson in front of Lincoln Memorial with Washington Monument in background.
24b 1954-1964-024b.jpg (52280 bytes) Linda Stevenson (back) and Nancy Tankersley at the White House.
24c 1954-1964-024c.jpg (36031 bytes) Michael Adamson and Douglas Hawk in front of the Jefferson Memorial.
24d 1954-1964-024d.jpg (23194 bytes) Harry Jackson, Michael Adamson and James Evitt at Arlington.
24e 1954-1964-024e.jpg (33915 bytes) Nancy Tankersley in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial.
24f 1954-1964-024f.jpg (37898 bytes) Linda Stevenson.
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