Bonny Oaks' Scrapbooks

CD 3 (Continued)
Pages 31-35


Item Pictures Description
31 1954-1964-031.jpg (69084 bytes) 1961 Washington trip - Full page scan.  Featuring Betty Chambers and Pete Hale.
31a 1954-1964-031a.jpg (73089 bytes) Mrs. Costello wrote under this picture:  "Pete Hale tells Betty Chambers that he finds it hard to believe that George Washington threw a half-dollar across the Potomac River in front of his Mount Vernon home.  Betty says 'he didn't-it was the Rappohanock River anyway'."


31b 1954-1964-031b.jpg (36745 bytes) Betty and Pete in front of Lincoln Memorial.
31c 1954-1964-031c.jpg (57460 bytes) Betty and Pete in front of the Federal Bureau of Investigation building.
31d 1954-1964-031d.jpg (69172 bytes) Betty and Pete sitting in front of Lincoln Memorial
31e 1954-1964-031e.jpg (57002 bytes) Betty and Pete at the Tomb of Martha and George Washington (James Hurst in the middle background wearing Bonny Oaks t-shirt)
311 1954-1964-0311.jpg (67891 bytes) 1961 Full page scan
311a 1954-1964-0311a.jpg (76624 bytes) Pete and Betty in front of the Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia
311b 1954-1964-0311b.jpg (47802 bytes) Pete and Betty with Miss Terry Harmon (Senator Estes Kefauver's secretary), in front of the Capitol Building
311c 1954-1964-0311c.jpg (44962 bytes) Betty and Pete in front of Arlington Theatre at Arlington
311d 1954-1964-0311d.jpg (45395 bytes) Pete and Betty in front of the Treasury Department's Bureau of Engraving & Printing
311e 1954-1964-0311e.jpg (33509 bytes) Pete and Betty at the Jefferson Memorial with Washington Monument in background
311f 1954-1964-0311f.jpg (45310 bytes) Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Davis, driver
32 1954-1964-032.jpg (66193 bytes) 1961 - Betty and Pete Washington trip
32a 1954-1964-032a.jpg (55840 bytes) Betty and Pete  - Andrew Johnson's tailor shop. 
32b 1954-1964-032b.jpg (58937 bytes) Betty and Pete watching Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Guard
32c 1954-1964-032c.jpg (50181 bytes) Betty and Pete - Washington Monument entrance.
32d 1954-1964-032d.jpg (47933 bytes) Pete and Betty at David Crockett's home, Greenville, Tennessee
32e 1954-1964-032e.jpg (31300 bytes) Betty and Pete - Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington, Virginia
32f 1954-1964-032f.jpg (54476 bytes) Pete and Betty - National Archives, Washington, D.C.
33 1954-1964-033.jpg (53910 bytes) Full page scan.
33a 1954-1964-033a.jpg (51119 bytes) Betty and Pete - Tomb of Thomas Jefferson, the Father of Democracy and Author of the Declaration of Independence - 3rd President of the United States of America
33b 1954-1964-033b.jpg (44795 bytes) Betty and Pete - White House
33c 1954-1964-033c.jpg (30600 bytes) Betty and Pete - In front of a Missile at the Air & Space Museum, Washington, D.C.
33d 1954-1964-033d.jpg (39823 bytes) Pete and Betty standing below the Original Wright Brothers' Airplane at The Smithsonian, Washington D.C.
34 1954-1964-034.jpg (72127 bytes) Full page scan
34a 1954-1964-034a.jpg (49832 bytes) Pete and Betty - Congressional Library, Washington, D.C.
34b 1954-1964-034b.jpg (50675 bytes) Pete and Betty - In front of the gardens at the Franciscan Monastery, Washington, D.C.
35 1954-1964-035.jpg (49608 bytes)

1963 - The 9th Washington, D.C. Trip

35a 1954-1964-035a.jpg (38002 bytes) On the bus - Elizabeth Pickett and Bob Bramlett
35b 1954-1964-035b.jpg (44298 bytes) Bus - left: Terry Nichols, right front: Hilda Harris, Norma Evitt (t-shirt), Virginia Walker, ?,?, Ann Lusk
35c 1954-1964-035c.jpg (40533 bytes) Bus - Norma Evitt and Virginia Walker
35d 1954-1964-035d.jpg (16327 bytes) Terry Nichols and Norma Evitt
355 1954-1964-0355.jpg (28596 bytes) Full page scan
355a 1954-1964-0355a.jpg (24619 bytes) Bus - James Ellis, Hilda Harris, Pauline Presley and Virginia Walker
355b 1954-1964-0355b.jpg (14385 bytes) Terry Nichols
355c 1954-1964-0355c.jpg (20694 bytes) Elizabeth Pickett, Bob Bramlett, 
355d 1954-1964-0355d.jpg (31141 bytes) Norma Evitt and James Ellis - In front of Thomas Jefferson's pool for holding fish until ready for the table.
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