Bonny Oaks' Scrapbooks

CD 4 - Pages 36-46


Item Pictures Description
36 Mount Vernon - Home of George Washington
36a Mt. Vernon - James Ellis, Norma Evitt, Terry Nichols and LeBron
36b James Ellis - Mt. Vernon
36c James Ellis and Norma Evitt - Mt. Vernon
37 1954-1964-037.jpg (26621 bytes) Full page scan
37a 1954-1964-037a.jpg (35660 bytes) The Group
37b James Ellis and Norma Evitt in front of the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial 
37c Norma Evitt, Terry Nichols, LeBron ?, and James Ellis
37d Norma and James
38 Full page scan - Group with Tennessee Senator, Bill Brock
38a 1954-1964-038a.jpg (22902 bytes) Norma and James pictured with Tennessee Senator, Bill Brock.  Andy Shavers on the wall.
38b 1954-1964-038b.jpg (44716 bytes) Group picture.
38c Close-up of the group with Senator, Bill Brock
38d Norma Evitt with Senator, Bill Brock.  Andy Shavers sitting on wall.
39 1954-1964-039.jpg (27688 bytes) Full page scan - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
39a 1954-1964-039a.jpg (21085 bytes) Left to right: Elizabeth Pickett, Shirley Walker, Bus driver?, Pauline Presley and Andy Shaver
39b Ann Lusk, James Ellis and Norma Evitt at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
39c David Coffey at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
39d Elizabeth Pickett and Shirley Walker at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
40 1954-1964-040.jpg (35275 bytes) Full page scan - Group at Monticello
40a The Group at the Monticello
40b Close-up of the Group.
40c 1954-1964-040c.jpg (28769 bytes) David Coffey - Monticello
40d 1954-1964-040d.jpg (37612 bytes) Norma and James - Monticello
40e Norma and James
41 Full page scan
41a 1954-1964-041a.jpg (18420 bytes) LeBron, James Ellis and David Coffey - Riding boat down Potomac
41b 1954-1964-041b.jpg (27143 bytes) James Ellis, Norma Evitt and LeBron - Boat ride
41c Left to right:  Hilda Harris, Pauline Presley, Norma Evitt and Terry Nichols, LeBron (seated) - Sitting on the sidewalk wall to the White House.
41d Terry Miolen standing under "The Spirit of St. Louis" airplane at The Smithsonian.
42 Full page scan
42a 1954-1964-042a.jpg (18857 bytes) James and Norma in front of the Washington Monument
42b Norma and James at the Monastery
42c 1954-1964-042c.jpg (31404 bytes) Norma and James
42d James and Norma
43 Full page scan
43a 1954-1964-043a.jpg (11620 bytes) Norma Evitt
43b James Ellis
43c LeBron and James looking at painting.
43d Terry Nichols, Norma Evitt, LeBron and James Ellis
44 Washington Tour Group:  Top row: Joe Presley, Jimmy Shavers, Tommy Brady, Pete Hale, Lonnie Brady, Andy Shavers.
Bottom row: James Ellis, Michael Adamson, Steve Williams, Jerry Boyd, Hilda Harris, Norma Evitt, (Pictured with Bill Brock, Tennessee Senator), Marion Adamson, and Superintendent, Malcolm M. Adamson
44a 1954-1964-044a.jpg (42769 bytes) Close-up of the Group
45 1954-1964-045.jpg (52428 bytes) Full page scan - Bus breaks down
45a Newspaper article on the group's bus breaking down in Washington
45b Close-up newspaper article.
45c 1954-1964-045c.jpg (54411 bytes) Close-up 7/31/64 newspaper article "D.C. Rallies to Aid of Busload of Orphans"
46 1954-1964-046.jpg (25498 bytes) Full page scan
46a 1954-1964-046a.jpg (25303 bytes) On the bus, Left: Steve Williams, Pete Hale, Norma Evitt, Hilda Harris and (right) James Ellis
46b 1954-1964-046b.jpg (27132 bytes) Steve Williams, Norma Evitt, Andy Shavers, Pete Hale, Jerry Boyd and Marion Adamson
46c Marion Adamson (left) and group huddle.
46d Hilda Harris and Tommy Brady
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