1960 - 1973
Bonny Oaks' Scrapbooks

1960 - 1973
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Item Pictures Description
1 1960-1973-001.jpg (69571 bytes) 1960 - Full page scan
1a 1960-1973-001a.jpg (39865 bytes) 1960 - Mr. Adamson (in his office at Bonny Oaks) talking to Clarence Sumner.
1b 1960-1973-001b.jpg (57082 bytes) Linda Tankersley's wedding.  Patsey Tankersley (left), Jimmy and Linda Tankersley Norman
1c 1960-1973-001c.jpg (30744 bytes) 1961 - Patsy Miolen
1d 1960-1973-001d.jpg (95813 bytes) 1960 - Bonny Oaks' Golden Gloves Team

Back row: David Yell, Mickey Walker, Roy Tucker, and Mr. Pogue.
Middle row: Harold Cavitt, Jimmy Henry, Eddie Seay, Mikey Miolen, and James Evett.
Front row: Donnie Henderson, Clay Smith, Billy Fry, Terry Miolen and Bob Bramlett.

1e 1960-1973-001e.jpg (33350 bytes) 1960 - Roger Price, frequent visitor to Bonny Oaks - went on the 1961 Washington trip.
1f 1960-1973-001f.jpg (35769 bytes) Lonnie Brady
2 1960-1973-002.jpg (25581 bytes) Full page scan.
2a 1960-1973-002a.jpg (71947 bytes) 1961 - Bonny Oaks Boy Scout Troop

Back row:  James Evett, Charles Yell, Robert Charles Haven, Douglas Hawk, Bob Bramlett, Don Henderson, John Medley, David Hurst, and Jimmy Medley.

Front row: Leader NEd Thomas, Pete Hale, Tommy Evitt, Sammy Lusk, Rickey Henry, and Jerry Harris.

2b 1960-1973-002b.jpg (57627 bytes) Close-up of Boy Scout Troop listed above.
2c 1960-1973-002c.jpg (33371 bytes) 1960 - Terry Snyder
3 1960-1973-003.jpg (53172 bytes) Full page scan
3a 1960-1973-003a.jpg (22632 bytes) 1961 - Ruth Ann Rhodes
3b 1960-1973-003b.jpg (57979 bytes) Back:  Lonnie Brady, Stanley Wofford and Jerry Haven

Front: Leroy Partain and Van Chambers

3c 1960-1973-003c.jpg (30539 bytes) 1961 - Andy Rich
3d 1960-1973-003d.jpg (67287 bytes) 1961 Washington D.C. Group Picture
3e 1960-1973-003e.jpg (20411 bytes) 1961 - Harry Jackson
4 1960-1973-004.jpg (58397 bytes) 1962 - Full page scan
4a 1960-1973-004a.jpg (22693 bytes) Charles Curtis
4b 1960-1973-004b.jpg (36295 bytes) Marion Adamson
4c 1960-1973-004c.jpg (31849 bytes) Mary Ann Evett
4d 1960-1973-004d.jpg (31303 bytes) Delma Hawk
4e 1960-1973-004e.jpg (25695 bytes) Hilda Harris
4f 1960-1973-004f.jpg (37923 bytes) Gwynette Rowell - Daughter of Joyce Stover Rowell and Paul Rowell
4g 1960-1973-004g.jpg (25483 bytes) Bob Bramlett
4h 1960-1973-004h.jpg (33277 bytes) Jimmy Kelly and Friend
5 1960-1973-005.jpg (41065 bytes) 1962 - Full page scan
5a 1960-1973-005a.jpg (27965 bytes) Steve Sanders
5b 1960-1973-005b.jpg (52358 bytes) Glenn Moore
5c 1960-1973-005c.jpg (28187 bytes) Kenneth Coffey
5d 1960-1973-005d.jpg (25870 bytes) Larry Jackson
5e 1960-1973-005e.jpg (33390 bytes) Betty Chambers
5f 1960-1973-005f.jpg (43004 bytes) Superintendent Adamson's Residence (The Dent House)
6 1960-1973-006.jpg (49601 bytes) Full page scan
6a 1960-1973-006a.jpg (28409 bytes) 1962 - George Frazier in uniform.
6b 1960-1973-006b.jpg (28076 bytes) Bruce Eaton
6c 1960-1973-006c.jpg (32192 bytes) Louise Mullins
6d 1960-1973-006d.jpg (17717 bytes) Marcella Shell
6e 1960-1973-006e.jpg (22878 bytes) Johnny Holloway
6f 1960-1973-006f.jpg (34380 bytes) James Hurst
6g 1960-1973-006g.jpg (46779 bytes) Tyner Methodist Training Class (Bonny Oaks student, Betty Chambers front-left)
6h 1960-1973-006h.jpg (28123 bytes) Clarence Palmer
6i 1960-1973-006i.jpg (26267 bytes) Johnny Brewer
7 1960-1973-007.jpg (52528 bytes) Full page scan
7a 1960-1973-007a.jpg (22634 bytes) Ruth Ann Rhodes
7b 1960-1973-007b.jpg (28709 bytes) Darlene Ensley
7c 1960-1973-007c.jpg (33809 bytes) Barry Eaton
7d 1960-1973-007d.jpg (28337 bytes) Gene Brewer
7e 1960-1973-007e.jpg (33774 bytes) Pee Wee (Roger Cardin)
7f 1960-1973-007f.jpg (24082 bytes) David Watson
7g 1960-1973-007g.jpg (36727 bytes) Marion Adamson
7h 1960-1973-007h.jpg (29089 bytes) Andy Shavers
7i 1960-1973-007i.jpg (28641 bytes) Jerry Holloway
7j 1960-1973-007j.jpg (22201 bytes) Barry Eaton
7k 1960-1973-007k.jpg (27021 bytes) Bobby Smith
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