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1 1961-001.jpg (58894 bytes) Pamphlet from Andrew Johnson National Monument and Davy Crockett's Birthplace
1a 1961-001a.jpg (27631 bytes) Fort Lewis Motor Court, Salem Virginia - Students stayed overnight here.
2 1961-002.jpg (51927 bytes) Monticello - full page scan
2a 1961-002a.jpg (4148 bytes) Thomas Jefferson
3 1961-003.jpg (47716 bytes) Andrew Johnson's Tailor Shop, Greenville, Tennessee and Davy Crockett's homeplace.
4 1961-004.jpg (69886 bytes) Full page scan
4a 1961-004a.jpg (27058 bytes) Franciscan Monastery
4b 1961-004b.jpg (34582 bytes) Washington Masonic Memorial, Alexandria Virginia
4c 1961-004c.jpg (44754 bytes) Riding the "Mount Vernon" boat down the Potomac to Mount Vernon
5 1961-005.jpg (60783 bytes) Full page scan
5a 1961-005a.jpg (54270 bytes) Mt. Vernon - Home and tomb of George & Martha Washington
5b 1961-005b.jpg (55314 bytes) Room in Mt. Vernon
5c 1961-005c.jpg (54921 bytes) Key to the Bastille
6 1961-006.jpg (90775 bytes) The Pentagon in 1961
7 1961-007.jpg (73815 bytes) 1961 Postcards of The Mount Vernon Gardens and Tombs of Martha and George Washington.
8 1961-008.jpg (53179 bytes) Full page scan
8a 1961-008a.jpg (43868 bytes) George Washington's Bedroom
8b 1961-008b.jpg (17028 bytes) Trunk at the foot of Washington's bed - 1776 printed on top
8c 1961-008c.jpg (50036 bytes) Washington's Music Room
8d 1961-008d.jpg (53045 bytes) Washington's Kitchen in house
8e 1961-008e.jpg (75628 bytes) Breezeway lined with Roses
9 1961-009.jpg (67096 bytes) Smithsonian Institute full page scan
9a 1961-009a.jpg (53827 bytes) 1961 - The Smithsonian Institute
9b 1961-009b.jpg (49520 bytes) The Spirit of St. Louis - Smithsonian Institute
9c 1961-009c.jpg (32591 bytes) Original Wright Brothers Aeroplane of 1903
9d 1961-009d.jpg (94445 bytes) Missile - Smithsonian Institute outdoors.
10 1961-010.jpg (57528 bytes) Full page scan - U. S. National Museum
10a 1961-010a.jpg (49207 bytes) Paragraphs from above.
10b 1961-010b.jpg (38035 bytes) Dinosaur - U. S. National Museum
10c 1961-010c.jpg (44706 bytes) Close-up of The Original Star-Spangled Banner
10d 1961-010d.jpg (47810 bytes) 1961 - World's Largest Elephant
11 1961-011.jpg (108745 bytes) Pamphlet on The Library of Congress
12 1961-012.jpg (65941 bytes) Full page scan - Zoo
13 1961-013.jpg (63165 bytes) Newspaper article on Senator Estes Kefauver's secretary, Terry Harmon
13a 1961-013a.jpg (27768 bytes) Portrait of Tennessee Senator, Estes Kefauver
13b 1961-013b.jpg (49115 bytes) The Rotunda
13c 1961-013d.jpg (39352 bytes) 8/3/1961 - U.S. Senate Chamber admittance card for Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Davis (our bus driver).  Card is signed by Senator Estes Kefauver - 87th Congress, First Session
13d 1961-013e.jpg (55546 bytes)
13e 1961-013-large-view.jpg (176168 bytes) Larger view of Session
14 1961-014.jpg (51296 bytes) Full page scan
14a 1961-014a.jpg (54756 bytes) 1961 Pamphlet of The Supreme Court
14b 1961-014b.jpg (34150 bytes) Pete and Betty coming down the steps of The Library of Congress building
14c 1961-014c.jpg (27786 bytes) 1961 - Pete and Betty in front of the U.S. Supreme Court
14d 1961-014d.jpg (34681 bytes) Pete and Betty in front of the Treasury Department's Bureau of engraving & Printing
14e 1961-014e.jpg (40715 bytes) Washington Postcard
15 1961-015.jpg (51977 bytes) Pete and Betty - Washington 1961
15a 1961-015a.jpg (60017 bytes) 1961 Pete and Betty - U. S. Botanical Gardens
15b 1961-015b.jpg (45613 bytes) Pete and Betty in front of the Capitol
15c 1961-015c.jpg (29667 bytes) In front of The White House
15d 1961-015d.jpg (47085 bytes) 1961 - Waiting on the sidewalk wall to go on tour of The White House.  L-r: Sharon Gattis, Pete Hale, Betty Chambers, Mrs. Davis
15e 1961-015e.jpg (34004 bytes) Pete and Betty on White House lawn.
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