Bonny Oaks' Scrapbooks

1961 (Continued)
CD 1 Pages 16-27


Item Pictures Description
16 1961-016.jpg (55557 bytes) Full page scan individual and group pictures
16a 1961-016a.jpg (36098 bytes) Ms. Margaret Hankins (Auntie Margaret) and Terry Harman (Estes Kefauver's office, our guide through the Capitol).
16b 1961-016b.jpg (50197 bytes) A group picture.

Front row kneeling:  Stanley Wofford, James Hurst and Pete Hale.

Middle row:  Jimmy Tucker, Harry Jackson, Christine Haven, Terry Harmon (guide), Linda Moore, Auntie Margaret, Sharon Gattis (Vine Street), Linda Presley (Linda Presley) and Mrs. Davis. and Mr. Davis behind her.

Back row (on wall): Roger Price (guest), Fred Vandiver and Betty Chambers 

16c 1961-016c.jpg (31229 bytes) Betty and Pete in Senator Estes Kefauver's office.
16d 1961-016d.jpg (28627 bytes) Pete and Betty in front of Lincoln bust.
16e 1961-016e.jpg (29387 bytes) Pete and Betty talking to Terry Harmon, guide
17 1961-017.jpg (40127 bytes) Betty and Pete talking to Guard of the Jefferson Memorial
18 1961-018.jpg (48926 bytes) Pete and Betty in various scenes.
19 1961-019.jpg (39191 bytes) Full page scan
19a 1961-019b.jpg (39532 bytes) National Gallery of Art - Raphael's St. George and the Dragon
19b 1961-019c.jpg (25404 bytes) National Gallery of Art - Ralphael's Alba Madonna
20 1961-020.jpg (51721 bytes) Full page scan
20a 1961-020a.jpg (31883 bytes) 1961 Postcard - Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
20b 1961-020b.jpg (53984 bytes) 1961 Postcard - U.S. Marines raising the flag atop Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima in World War II.
20c 1961-020c.jpg (50003 bytes) 1961 Postcard - Cherry trees in bloom at Washington
20d 1961-020d.jpg (48024 bytes) 1961 Postcard
20e 1961-020e.jpg (30148 bytes) 1961 Postcard - Lincoln Memorial
21 1961-021.jpg (50488 bytes) 1961 Postcard - The White House
21a 1961-021a.jpg (45001 bytes) Closeup - The White House and fountains
21b 1961-021b.jpg (59060 bytes) The White House Green Room
21c 1961-021c.jpg (42774 bytes) The White House Red Room
22 1961-022.jpg (55075 bytes) Full page scan
22a 1961-022a.jpg (54046 bytes) Washington Monument
22b 1961-022b.jpg (49321 bytes) Washington Monument and Cherry trees in bloom.
22c 1961-022c.jpg (38740 bytes) The National Archives
23 1961-023.jpg (45781 bytes) Skyline Drive
23a 1961-023a.jpg (38398 bytes) Skyline Drive
23b 1961-023b.jpg (52955 bytes) Skyline Drive stop at water fountain - Mr. Davis, James Hurst, Auntie Margaret, Harry Jackson, Roger Price and Stanley Wofford
24 1961-024.jpg (34279 bytes) Full page scan
24a 1961-024a.jpg (41941 bytes) Bus gunfight
25 1961-025.jpg (47930 bytes) The Monticello brochures
25a 1961-025a.jpg (63422 bytes) The Monticello - Thomas Jefferson
25b 1961-025b.jpg (36851 bytes) Thomas Jefferson's Bedroom
25c 1961-025c.jpg (34220 bytes) Thomas Jefferson's Dining Room
25d 1961-025d.jpg (39300 bytes) Thomas Jefferson's Basement Kitchen
26 1961-026.jpg (77118 bytes) Brochures
26a 1961-026c.jpg (47557 bytes) Shenandoah National Park Brochure
26b 1961-026b.jpg (40881 bytes) Franklin Park Hotel in Washington D.C.
26c 1961-026a.jpg (51516 bytes) Tuesday comments on the day
27 1961-027.jpg (36575 bytes) Full page scan
27a 1961-027a.jpg (45669 bytes) Pete and Betty at the Monticello
27b 1961-027b.jpg (42962 bytes) Betty and Pete in front of the Tomb of Thomas Jefferson
27c 1961-027c.jpg (59251 bytes) Group Picture: Seated: Roger Price, Johnny Medley, Stanley Wofford, Pete Hale and James Hurst.  Standing:  Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Sharon Gattis, Betty Chambers, Auntie Margaret, Fred Vandiver and Christine Haven
27d 1961-027d.jpg (69740 bytes) Close-up of group in above picture.
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