The Bonny Oaks Family
April 11, 2008


bulletJerry Presley (kneeling left) / James Strickland (kneeling right)
bulletFirst row left to right:  Betty Chambers Cabeen, Mary Chambers Ellis, Pauline Merritt Presley, Joyce Stover Rowell, Ken Clay, Virginia Walker
bulletSecond row left to right: 
bullet   John Bramlett (sunglasses) behind him is Tim Brown
bullet   Jesse Presley (sunglasses) behind him is David Yell
bullet   next to Jesse is Harry Jackson
bullet   Ronnie Yarbrough (mustache) behind him is Clarence Sumner (glasses)
bullet   next to Harry is James Ellis (peeking out behind Ken Clay)
bullet   straight behind James Ellis is Fred Bramlett (tallest)
bullet   Last three on back row (behind Ken Clay's left) is Bobby Smith, Cassidy Neighbors and Allen Atcheson