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We could turn it into a Bonny Oaks Museum and bring all the Bonny Oaks memorabilia spread about Chattanooga home to roost.

Dent house is a property of Historical significance in Chattanooga and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Greek Revival Historic Southern Home built in 1854.
The Historic Dent House has the perfect southern charm which includes: a lovely tree-shaded lawn (antebellum plantation)
with an adjacent park providing the perfect outdoor grounds, original hardwood floors and multi-paned windows.

During its existence the Dent House has been a plantation House, a Civil War Field Hospital, an orphanage, a school and a church building.

Ranked 51st of 68 tourist attractions listed in Chattanooga.

Located near Hamilton County Annex adjacent to Bonny Oaks Industrial Park.

Highway access: Highway 153, I-75, Bonny Oaks Drive

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Would you like a copy of your Legal Record?


To Obtain Your "Legal" Record
Your legal records can be obtained from the:

Hamilton County Juvenile Court - Clerk's Office
Attention: Records Department.
1600 East 3rd
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404
Telephone Number:  423-209-5100

Note:  Ronald Swafford is the Clerk of Court for Juvenile.  Mr. Swafford would like the following information to be included on our website to help alleviate unnecessary confusion:

(1) When a child turns 18 years of age, their juvenile record is closed and sent to storage.  To view your file(s), contact the Court's Records Department by telephone (or in person) and ask them to check for your name on their Index of stored files in the warehouse.  If your name is on their list, they will put in a request to have the records pulled from storage and brought to the Court.  You will be given a date your records can be expected to arrive and can be viewed.

(2) The Juvenile Court requires you to come to the Court in person and present a picture ID before they will let you look at the files.  There is a private room in their office that you may take your file to read through it.  You may request a copy to take with you.  The Court will not send out copies in the mail nor will they answer questions pertaining to the contents of the file over the telephone. 

(3) Mr. Swafford suggests the following if you do not live in the Chattanooga area:  "The Court can accept a Court Order from a court in your county OR a certified letter from a court, signed by a Judge, requesting your records be mailed to you".   Be sure to contact the Records Department in Chattanooga first to see if they have your file in storage.

(4)  Mr. Swafford's office suggests that all inquiries contain your telephone number so they can call you if they need to ask additional questions.  

(5)  Adoptions:  "If you were adopted, the Juvenile Court in Chattanooga, Tennessee would not have your adoption records.  You will need to direct your inquiries to the Department of Human Services in Nashville, Tennessee.  Their telephone number is 423-634-6200.


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