Art Prichard's
Bonny Oaks Reunion Pictures
July 27, 2002


Picture Art's Descriptions
prichard1.jpg (20886 bytes) An old friend, George Hatch, at early breakfast in our motel.
prichard1a.jpg (23215 bytes) (l-r) Ron Hatch, George Hatch, Connie Hatch, Mrs. and Mr. Lester B. Robison
prichard1b.jpg (22358 bytes) Maxine Duncan's (deceased) daughters and son.
prichard2.jpg (31888 bytes) Front row: (l-r) Mrs. Harry (LaWanda) Jackson, Susie McDonald-Buckner and husband, Mr. Buckner.
prichard2a.jpg (20895 bytes) (l-r) Paul and Joyce Stover Rowell, David Yell (in Bonny Oaks t-shirts).
prichard2b.jpg (18124 bytes) Cassidy Neighbors and wife (t-shirts).  Mary Ann Neighbors (pink).
Andy Shavers family behind them.
Jesse Presley standing.
prichard3.jpg (24409 bytes) Harry Jackson, Judy Anderson Goodbrad presenting plaque to Christine Haven
prichard3a.jpg (33647 bytes) Early Chapel services over.  Mary and exiting attendees.
prichard3b.jpg (51276 bytes) More alumni and their families exiting Chapel.  That's Mrs. Keese's "new" chapel built about 1938/1939.
prichard4.jpg (51904 bytes) Mary Prichard and Daisy Hawk
prichard4a.jpg (39734 bytes) Art with Christine Haven.  James Ellis on right.
prichard4b.jpg (36041 bytes) Mary Prichard standing on steps of Dent House in front of barbecue sign.
prichard5a.jpg (42928 bytes) Art with Eva Gasaway in front of Dent House.
prichard6.jpg (27393 bytes) Eva Gasaway viewing scrapbooks in Dent House.
prichard6a.jpg (32116 bytes) Art between Jewell Liner (left) and Lucille Liner (right).
prichard7.jpg (24620 bytes) Hannah Hatch (George's granddaughter) selling Bonny Oaks caps, shirts and George's autobiography.
prichard7a.jpg (36173 bytes) (l-r) Art, Edgar (Ace) Parker, Jewell Liner and Lucille Liner.
prichard7b.jpg (31877 bytes) Art and Ed Parker remembering funny stuff.
prichard8.jpg (42724 bytes) Marie and Charles Camp, Art, and Christine Haven.  (I spanked Charlie in 1946 for swiping my cigarettes, he says).
prichard8a.jpg (27104 bytes) Jewell Liner, Art, and Lucille Liner
prichard8b.jpg (32223 bytes) Marie and Charles Camp, Art and Christine Haven
prichard9.jpg (24070 bytes) Art and Ed (Ace) Parker
prichard9a.jpg (23323 bytes) Art and Ed Parker
prichard11b.jpg (27355 bytes) Art on Dent House steps with barbecue sign.  Photo by Mary Prichard.
prichard11c.jpg (34698 bytes) Art and Daisy Hawk
prichard11d.jpg (30484 bytes) Art and Christine Haven