Mrs. Artman's
1950 - 1953
 Bonny Oaks Pictures


Picture Description
aniece_whittemore.jpg (74962 bytes) Aniece Whittemore
annie_ruth_shell.jpg (80150 bytes) Annie Ruth Shell
barbara_anne_snyder.jpg (71481 bytes) Barbara Anne Snyder
martha_jean_mulkey.jpg (113062 bytes) Martha Jean Mulkey?
betty_jean_mulkey.jpg (118064 bytes) Betty Jean Mulkey?
betty_jo_marshall.jpg (104366 bytes) Betty Jo Marshall
big_girls_and_balcony_end.jpg (80562 bytes) Big Girls Group at end of building and car.
big_girls_balcony_end.jpg (85491 bytes) Big Girls Group standing, Timmie on car.
big_girls_barn_in_back.jpg (102040 bytes) Big Girls - Barn in background.
big_girls_bldg.jpg (71582 bytes) Girls Buildings - Side view of front
big_girls_chapel.jpg (160687 bytes) Big Girls in front of Chapel:
Left to right:
Back Row: Anna Ruth Shell, Nancy Cofer, Dixie Kesselberg, Edna Stewart, Thelma West, Patsy Hightower, Lena Holland, Irene Stewart, Joyce Stover, Sara Humphreys, Mary Ann Hightower, Pat Phillips, Gloria Holland.
Front Row: Martha Humphreys, Lottie Smith, Lucy Driggans, Barbara Snyder, Betty Jo Marshall, Aniece Whittemore, Jean Stewart and behind Jean Stewart is Sue Allen.
big_girls_mr_artman.jpg (72441 bytes) Big Girls and Mr. Artman
big_girls_mr_artman_cake.jpg (91608 bytes) Mr. Artman in center eating cake; left to right: Barbara Ann Snyder, Thelma West, Irene Stewart, Aniece Whittemore, Lena Holland and Betty Jo Marshall.
chapel_men_choir.jpg (109836 bytes) Chapel - Choir girls, visiting preacher and Superintendent, Lewis P. Lindsey
edna_stewart.jpg (95695 bytes) Edna Stewart
girl_on_hill.jpg (87947 bytes) Name?
girl_pear_tree.jpg (81924 bytes) Name?
gloria_holland_and_timmie_artman.jpg (91413 bytes) Gloria Holland and Timmie Artman
gloria_sue_holland.jpg (97341 bytes) Gloria Sue Holland
gloria_sue_holland_age15.jpg (157449 bytes) Gloria Sue Holland - age 15
going_into_chapel.jpg (98996 bytes) Bonny Oaks Girl's Choir in Uniforms - Chapel
irene_stewart.jpg (116948 bytes) Irene Stewart
irene_stewart2.jpg (58530 bytes) Irene Stewart
jean_stewart.jpg (107724 bytes) Jean Stewart
jean_stewart2.jpg (72575 bytes) Jean Stewart
keese_and_lucille_liner_lghsemother.jpg (53582 bytes) Dr. Keese and Lucille Liner, Little Girls' Housemother
keese_hagan_chapel.jpg (99702 bytes) Dr. Keese and Mr. Hagan
lena_holland.jpg (77436 bytes) Lena Holland
little_girls.jpg (119140 bytes) Little Girls Group
mary_ann_hightower.jpg (78219 bytes) Mary Ann Hightower
mr_mrs_roy_levi.jpg (92408 bytes) Mr. and Mrs. Roy Levi - Teachers
pat_phillips.jpg (79573 bytes) Pat Phillips
swim_day.jpg (113964 bytes) Swim Day
swim_day2.jpg (121630 bytes) Swim Day