Mrs. Artman's
1974 - 1984
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Picture Description
staff_chapel.jpg (48540 bytes) Staff Members in front of Chapel
70s_kids_golf_cart.jpg (27525 bytes) 1970's - Boys Golf Cart
artman_boys.jpg (28839 bytes)

Ronnie Nash, Joey Quarrels, Johnny Vickers and Mrs. Willie Artman

artman_kenny_clay_adamson.jpg (26837 bytes) Mrs. Artman, Kenny Clay, Mr. Adamson (Background) - Christmas Party
artman_lester.jpg (18382 bytes) Mrs. Artman and Lester Bailey at Mr. Bates' on Signal Mountain
christmas_party_1976.jpg (28065 bytes)

W.R. Grace Company - Christmas Party, December 15, 1976

Standing:  Robert Jackson and Cedric Jackson
Kneeling:  Tim Brown, Ronnie Dixon, Kim Brown and Marie Jenkins

employees_christmas_party_at_adamsons.jpg (33326 bytes) Mr. and Mrs. Adamson's Staff Christmas Party
harold_artman_margaret_radford.jpg (34856 bytes) Christmas - Mr. Harold Artman and Mrs. Margaret Radford
lester_bailey.jpg (10433 bytes) Lester Bailey
margaret_radford.jpg (6746 bytes) Mrs. Margaret Radford
marty_thurston_1975.jpg (5205 bytes) Marty Thurston - 1975
Reads on back:  "To Mrs. Artman, a real nice houseparent for my little brother, love always, Marty Thurston 12-3-75"
mavis_jim_robbins.jpg (15522 bytes) Jim and Mavis Robbins
mrs_artman_trip.jpg (16733 bytes) Mrs. Artman, Johnny Vickers and Robbie Coleman
nash_bailey.jpg (19046 bytes) Ricky Nash and Lester Bailey
nichols_hendrix_artman.jpg (136525 bytes)

nichols_hendrix_artman_christmas.jpg (75609 bytes)

Nick Nichols, Berlie Hendrix and Harold Artman
ricky_ronnie_nash.jpg (17886 bytes) Ricky and Ronnie Nash
robbins_sadler_hendrix.jpg (15641 bytes) Robbins-Sadler-Hendrix