...The Line-Up....
...The Bonny Oaks "Softball" Teams...

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Bonny Oaks Softball Trophies
Softball Trophies pictures by Kenneth Clay, Jr.

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Coach Jesse

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Baseball Team:  Jesse Presley, Coach - 1st row: Danny Lusk, Steve Sanders, Andy Shavers, James Palmer, Johnny Shavers, Johnny Holloway - 2nd row: Jerry Haven, Lonnie Brady, Jimmy Holloway, Terry Miolen, Jimmy Shavers - 3rd row: Jimmy Evett, Sammy Lusk, Tommy Edwards, Johnny Rogers.

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Softball Team ('60's), (Please email and help me fill in some names here, I know the faces though) baseball_team.jpg (26090 bytes) Front row sitting l/r:  Jerry Haven, Terry Miolen, Jimmy Evett, Sammy Lusk; Second row l/r: Danny Lusk, Andy Shavers, Lonnie Brady, Steve Sanders, Johnny Holloway, Kenneth Coffey;  Back row l/r: Jesse Presley (Coach), Jimmy Shavers (?), ____?, Ricky Henry, Lonnie Strickland, ____?.  Bonny Oaks trophy cabinet in background, hope to have a picture of each trophy on here soon.

baseball_team_2.jpg (27042 bytes)Bottom row l/r:  Steve Sanders, Johnny Shavers, Andy Shavers, Jerry Haven
Middle row l/r:  Joe Presley, Lonnie Brady, Daryl Yokely, Eddie Pursley
Back row l/r:  Terry Miolen, Van Chambers, Roland Rich, Jimmy Evett, Jimmy Shavers
and REX, our German Shepherd mascot

ballteam aug 1968.jpg (26950 bytes)1968 Fastball Team:  Bottom row l/r:  Jerry Presley, Jesse Presley, Joe, (?), Sam
Back row l/r:  Bear, Pete Hale, Jim, Billy, H..., Charlie, Art

jess_jim_steve_virgil_3-64.jpg (18895 bytes)March 1964 - Front row l/r:  Jimmy Shavers and Steve Williams
Back row l/r:  Jesse Presley and Virgil Robertson 
palmer_presley_dickerson.jpg (21768 bytes) Front row l/r: James Palmer, Joe Presley, Lebron Dickerson
Back row l/r:  Jesse Presley and Virgil Robertson

1968_cityseries.jpg (38343 bytes)  1968 Awards Night - Coach Art Chambers presenting the Bonny Oaks School Team with the League and City Series Trophies.

award.jpg (22090 bytes)  Award to Chris Roden