Bill (Billy) Fry's
July 27, 2002
Reunion Pictures


Picture Description
bf_1.jpg (20761 bytes) Mary Chambers Ellis and her granddaughter, Emily.
bf_7a.jpg (40417 bytes) L-R:  Clarence Sumner, Betty Chambers, Mr. Adamson, ?, and Judy Anderson.  Mr. and Mrs. George Frazer walking in background.
bf_10.jpg (31012 bytes) -, -, and Clarence Sumner
bf_12.jpg (37259 bytes) Reunion Group
bf_14.jpg (42948 bytes) Mr. Adamson (beige shirt and slacks) standing by his 81st Birthday Cake greeting the Alumni.
bf_15.jpg (51693 bytes) Reunion Group
bf_16.jpg (36079 bytes) Christine Haven and Mrs. Malcolm (George) Adamson - Pure Happiness
bf_17.jpg (25452 bytes) The Bachman Chapel on Reunion Day before opening program.
bf_18.jpg (38012 bytes) Mrs. Mary Helms (in red dress) and others by side of Dent House.
bf_19.jpg (6743 bytes) Does anyone have a close-up picture of Mrs. Helms (in red dress)?  She personally brought the Scrapbooks from the Library downtown for Reunion Day.  She is head of the library's Local History and Genealogy Department.
bf_2.jpg (32570 bytes) Christine Haven and Bill Fry on the side of the Dent House.  We kids called him Billy.
bf_3.jpg (21200 bytes) Judy Anderson and Christine Haven - tears of thank-you from both of us.
bf_4.jpg (19565 bytes) Harry Jackson, Master of Ceremonies for the Reunion.
bf_5.jpg (26947 bytes) Jerry Harris, wife Martha and their daughter.  Hilda Harris in Bonny Oaks t-shirt.  Sorry it's a little blurry but any glimpse of our Bonny Oaks family is a good one.
bf_6.jpg (41904 bytes) Watermelon Cut.  Ken Clay (blue) standing by his truck with an Alumnus.  Mrs. Artman seated.  Thank you for the watermelon, Ken.
bf_8.jpg (19524 bytes) Harry Jackson looking over his notes before the Program.
bf_9.jpg (33723 bytes) View of Mr. Nichols garage apartment on campus (Maintenance Man and friend to many of the kids).