"....IN THIS CORNER...."
The Bonny Oaks "Golden Gloves" Boxing Team...
trophies_boxing_1.jpg (71063 bytes)
     trophies_boxing_2.jpg (76685 bytes)
 Bonny Oaks Boxing Trophies
  Boxing Trophies pictures by Kenneth Clay, II.

boxing_7_roland_rich.jpg (89966 bytes) "The Crowd was on it's Feet" - Roland Rich

boxing_2.jpg (130092 bytes) Golden Gloves Tonight & Results 1966

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Boxing Team ('60's), Front row l/r: Steve Sanders, David Yokely, Alvin Coffey, Johnny Holloway; Second row l/r: Andy Shavers, Joe Presley, George Davis, Steve Williams, Jimmy Shavers; Back row l/r: Pete Hale, James Ellis, Jesse Presley (Coach), Clayburn Smith, Anthony Lemley.

rich_tko_1966.jpg (118659 bytes) Roland Rich TKO's Craig Feb 1966

boxing_3.jpg (106549 bytes)  February 1966 Results

boxing_5.jpg (92606 bytes) "Jesse Presley's Bonny Oaks School Squad"
Golden Gloves Roster.
1964 Frye Junior Golden Gloves
11, 12, & 13 Year Olds -

Golden_Gloves_Roster_-_1964.jpg (44444 bytes) In the Red Corner/Blue Corner
March 14, 1964 - 7:00 P.M.

boxing_4.jpg (120992 bytes) "The Three Shaver Brothers Win!" and The Results

Andy_Shavers_Golden_Gloves.jpg (18676 bytes) Andy Shaver

Jimmy Shavers boxing_8.jpg (28414 bytes) Golden Gloves Tournament

boxing_9.jpg (28523 bytes) "Results - Parade of Champions"

tonights_and_results_gglove.jpg (102248 bytes)  "Tonights & Results" 1966

boxing_team_greg.jpg (12827 bytes)Boxing Team ('72-'73)), Front row: Greg Presley, Second row l/r: Wayne Howard, Gary Shull, Dean Bouran, Johnny Shull, Anthony Clemons;  Back row l/r: Jesse Presley, Coach, Pete Hale, Coach.

Greg Presley greg_presley_on_right.jpg (20798 bytes) Golden Gloves match


boxing_6.jpg (49983 bytes)  "Results"

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Whitener Match

petehale_boxing_copies.jpg (182500 bytes) This copy submitted by Pete Hale