Dear Bonny Oaks Family,

From a distance it seems that no one truly cares anymore.

It pains me to acknowledge the following reality:  The Foster Care system in America is broken and over-burdened from Maine to California and all places in between.  Conditions in the 50 States speak to failure --- gross, consistent failure for innocent, unsuspecting and neglected "little ones".

Many others and I have exchanged similar views in this regard on several occasions the past year or so.  In a nutshell, "dependent children services" is currently driven by an insatiable ego for position and power; societal aloofness; low-budget prioritizing; and the calloused, uncaring hearts of inexperienced, non-committed and incompetent Case Workers.

Sadly, these insensitive and inept "professional" Social Services individuals answer directly to a middle-management group short on insight, motivation and desire for excellence.  The top Administrator is generally a political appointee --- and one who can live lavishly on an income far above $120,000.00 annually.  Such "crony" is without academic training for the most part and zero interest in the day-to-day living experiences of dependent children.  It's politics, plain and simple.

Isn't it totally disgusting to read and hear about Miami's Foster Child, five year old Rilya Wilson, whose disappearance went unnoticed for more than a year?

Last night (May 24) there is more shocking news from Florida's Family and Childrens' Services as 20/20 featured a gut-wrenching segment about five brothers and one sister who were "forgotten".  For two years these youthful siblings were confined to an "empty back room" where they were locked-in without access to bathroom facilities; absolutely no bedding; and just one bowl from which to feed themselves.

A "carefully screened and trained couple" (Foster Parents) were paid a monthly stipend for each child.  With our tax dollars, these two previously identified criminals heaped more abuse on all six impoverished and pitiful children who continued to need and long for love, stability, security and daily reassurance and comfort --- the heavenly-ordained birthright of all God's children.

When we gather again for the July reunion, I suggest we pause and attend the following in prayer:

1.  Thank the Almighty for our personal experiences as residents of Bonny Oaks.
Request special blessings for the truly dedicated and capable Foster Parents across America.
Pray for the safety and nurturance of Foster Children everywhere.
Ask for wisdom to respond effectively when other abuse issues surface in our respective residential areas.

To do nothing more than grumble among ourselves is abhorrent and completely unacceptable in my view.

Based on contacts with quite a significant number of you since our home was dismantled in the '80s, we no longer have need to look back and find fault with the ignorant and irresponsible political nit-wits who erred then.

Rather, our collective interest anymore is to spot-light factually and tenderly all child care failure.  To personalize such horror is not necessary, nor does it add credence to this just and noble endeavor.

As appreciative recipients of a Housemother's unconditional love and support during difficult growing and developing days, months and years, we call for a renewed societal interest in and commitment to neglected and abused boys and girls.

Each innocent victim is worthy and deserving.  Too, they are representative of America's uncertain future and the shameful, epidemic modern-day symptomlogy of family deterioration and dysfunction.

Dear Bonny Oaks brothers and sisters, comparatively speaking, we lived "up-scale", thus we must be more aware and more vocal regarding today's unspeakable crimes against helpless children/youth.



PS:  In Florida alone, there are 18,000 children in Foster Care.  Not counting Rilya Wilson, another 370+ are currently "lost" and unaccounted for.  This is abject madness.