Pictures submitted from Charley Camp's Photo Album - Can you put the "names" on some of them?
c3-4-01_10.jpg (8860 bytes)  Eldridge Humphries  

c3-4-01_11.jpg (7187 bytes)  A favorite milking cow!     

c3-4-01_12.jpg (8837 bytes) Sarah Humphries   

c3-4-01_13.jpg (11422 bytes)
  Dewane Kidwell, Billy Miles, (?), Ronald Kidwell, (?)      

3-4-01_2.jpg (27090 bytes)  Pat

c3-4-01_15.jpg (8253 bytes)  Harold Tyson, he was at the Atlanta Childs' Home with Charley...a few years (3 yrs maybe!) older than Charley and their mothers were roommates in Atlanta, Georgia

3-4-01.jpg (32536 bytes)  Front row: (?)(?)(?), Back row:  Harold and J.T. Stewart     

c3-4-01_17.jpg (7187 bytes)  (?) (?)

c3-4-01_18.jpg (19865 bytes)Summer 1951: Fire destroyed the "Equipment Barn"...A total loss!!

c3-4-01_19.jpg (20530 bytes)  Joe Hampton, Harold (Dude) Hensley, Steve Riddle, Garmon Christian (?)  

3-4-01_3.jpg (17093 bytes) (?)(?)    

c3-4-01_3.jpg (16489 bytes)  Mary Ann Camp and Mrs. Crabtree

c3-4-01_4.jpg (9416 bytes)  (?), Harold Stewart, (?)(?)(?), Back row:  Jack Hampton (?)(?)(?)


c3-4-01_6.jpg (12914 bytes)  Marcus Morgan and Harvey Driggers    

c3-4-01_7.jpg (19495 bytes)  Billy Gaines   

c3-4-01_8.jpg (21310 bytes)    

c3-4-01_9.jpg (9751 bytes)   

c3-4-01.jpg (10712 bytes) 

camp_newspaper_article.jpg (164901 bytes)   7-7-98 Newspaper article on Bonny Oaks featuring Charley Camp 

camp_newspaper_2.jpg (121415 bytes)  7-7-98 Newspaper article - section 2 (too long to scan on one page).  Great article!