Charles Camp's
Bonny Oaks Reunion Pictures
July 27, 2002

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Reunion Group - Right corner wearing Bonny Oaks t-shirt: Pauline Presley carrying grandson, Pam's son.
Scrapbooks room in the Dent House
campreunion10a.jpg (17155 bytes)  
campreunion10b.jpg (14228 bytes) Courtney Castleberry - daughter of an alumni
Scrapbooks viewing
campreunion11a.jpg (13766 bytes) Christine Haven (white shirt), Mary Chambers (red and blue), Teresa Jones Hon (green) and Jenni Ellis (overalls back)
Scrapbooks viewing
? and George Frazer on right
campreunion12a.jpg (31011 bytes) Reunion Group
Visiting under the tree
Walkway from Dent House
campreunion13a.jpg (28379 bytes) Alumni
Tim Stowell, Hamilton County Genealogy and George Hatch (Bonny Oaks t-shirt).
campreunion14.jpg (32084 bytes) Mrs. Kelly Camp and Mr. Malcolm Adamson seated, Reunion Group
? and Mary Ann Camp
Reunion Group
campreunion15.jpg (35590 bytes) Reunion Group
Coca-Cola Wagon donated by Bill Bice
Reunion Group
campreunion16.jpg (23117 bytes) ?
Marie Camp standing on bridge recently built behind the Chapel.
campreunion16b.jpg (18825 bytes)  
campreunion17.jpg (27482 bytes) Bridge behind Chapel.
campreunion17a.jpg (15044 bytes) Ms. Woody (daughter?) and Stanley Woody, Alumni who is also mentioned in the Times Free Press article 9/28/02
Ms. Woody (daughter?) and Stanley Woody
Stanley Woody, Alumni 1920's
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene (Gene) Hill
campreunion19.jpg (29003 bytes) Ronald Kidwell and wife
Marion Adamson and son, Stuart Adamson wearing Bonny Oaks t-shirts.
Mr. Adamson and Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Walker
campreunion1a.jpg (65352 bytes) Reunion Group
Reunion Group
campreunion2.jpg (24388 bytes) Reunion Group

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