christmas1959.jpg (19670 bytes) Christmas party 1959 at Kirkman Technical School - Robert Haven and Christine Haven opening presents from the sponsoring class.


Christmas_Party_1965.jpg (40628 bytes)
1965 Christmas Party given to big girls by a college sorority.
Front row left to right:  Charlotte McGill, Virginia Walker, Daisy Hawk, and Delma Hawk
Back row left to right:  Betty Chambers, Mary Chambers, Norma Evitt, Shirley Walker, Dianne Williams, Christine Haven, Glenda Brooks, and Katie Rogers

terry_miolen.jpg (27036 bytes)  Terry Miolen 10/01/64

christine_haven_10grade.jpg (15419 bytes)  Christine Haven 10th grade Tyner High School  

betty_chambers.jpg (34359 bytes)  Betty Chambers 1964-65 school  picture

betty_chambers_school.jpg (12779 bytes)  Betty 1965-66 school picture

betty_chambers_formal.jpg (10422 bytes)  Betty in a formal - 6th grade

betty_chambers_stamp.jpg (6834 bytes)   Betty Chambers

mary_chambers_schoolpic.jpg (25928 bytes) Mary Chambers 10th grade

mary_chambers_11th.jpg (12586 bytes)  Mary Chambers 11th grade

van_chambers.jpg (11784 bytes)  Van Chambers

hilda_harris_schoolpic.jpg (14236 bytes)  Hilda Harris 10/02/64

hildaharris.jpg (12381 bytes) Hilda Harris 1963 - 9th grade Tyner Jr High

stephanie_boyd.jpg (17813 bytes)  Stephanie Boyd

daisy_hawk_stamp.jpg (6104 bytes)  Daisy Hawk

mike_hawk.jpg (19594 bytes)  Mike Hawk

christine_12.jpg (6894 bytes)  Christine Haven 12 yrs

jimmy_shavers.jpg (12686 bytes)  Jimmy Shavers 1963 - 6th grade Boyd-Buchanan

steve_sanders.jpg (22914 bytes)  Steve Sanders - 1964

katie_rogers.jpg (13166 bytes)  Katie Rogers

katie_rogers_schoolpic.jpg (28223 bytes)  Katie Rogers 1964

katierogers.jpg (10514 bytes)  Katie Rogers 8th grade

kenny_rogers.jpg (11721 bytes)  Kenny Rogers

kathy_shasteen.jpg (14959 bytes)  Kathy Shasteen Nov 1965

bo_littlegirl.jpg (31465 bytes)  Eva Strickland

ricky_evitt.jpg (24160 bytes)  Ricky Evitt  1964

tommy_smith.jpg (12189 bytes)  Tommy Smith

hair_salon_newspaper.jpg (117100 bytes)  Big Girls - Hair Salon newspaper clipping 
beauty_shop_newspaper_clip_1963.jpg (91354 bytes) Big Girls - Hair Salon newspaper clipping February 14, 1963