Daisy Hawk's
Bonny Oaks Reunion Pictures
July 27, 2002


Picture Description
daisy_hawk1.jpg (24803 bytes) Early arrivals at the Hampton Inn the night before the reunion.
(l-r) Joyce Stover showing pictures, Judy Anderson, Pauline Presley, Christine Haven and Mrs. Barton (Betty) Smith.
daisy10.jpg (26370 bytes) Andy Shavers and family member viewing the albums.
daisy10a.jpg (21219 bytes) Mr. Adamson and alumni before cutting of his 81st birthday cake.
daisy10b.jpg (24086 bytes) A good laugh.
daisy11.jpg (28612 bytes) Alumni in the middle and her family.
daisy13a.jpg (12427 bytes) Harry Jackson going over his notes before the opening Program.
daisy13b.jpg (25660 bytes) Mary Chambers hugging an old friend hello.
daisy13c.jpg (33009 bytes) Setting up for the reunion at The Dent House.
daisy13d.jpg (39849 bytes) Judy Anderson's daughter and grandchild.
daisy14.jpg (13967 bytes) Christine Haven walking up to receive plaque.  Thank you everyone!  I treasure it!
daisy1a.jpg (21370 bytes) Dinner the night before the reunion.

(left around to right) Christine Haven, Pauline Presley, Connie Hatch, George Hatch, George Frazer, Jesse Presley, Mrs. Frazer, Judy Anderson and Mrs. Betty Smith, widow of Barton Smith, Alumnus.

daisy1b.jpg (15825 bytes) Dinner the night before (2).
daisy2.jpg (26064 bytes) Your Reunion Committee busy setting up the Dent House for the reunion.
Judy Anderson looking up, Pauline Presley in front of her, James Ellis at the Decade Roster table, George Hatch coming up the steps, Christine Haven behind him, and Jesse Presley, top right.
daisy2a.jpg (26057 bytes) Reunion Day dawning.
daisy2b.jpg (25732 bytes) George Hatch and Christine Haven.
daisy3.jpg (19150 bytes) The Program about to begin in the Chapel.
daisy3a.jpg (16469 bytes) Billy Fry on the left, Harry Jackson, MC, on crutches, Judy Anderson presenting plaque to Christine Haven.
daisy4.jpg (31719 bytes) Mrs. Barton Smith (Betty) visiting with ?
daisy4a.jpg (17957 bytes) George Hatch and granddaughter, Hannah Hatch, setting up the t-shirts, caps and autobiography sales table in the foyer of the Dent House.
daisy4b.jpg (26845 bytes) The Bonny Oaks Arboretum sign and the Adamson Circle with The Dent House (Superintendent's home) in background.
daisy5.jpg (25450 bytes) Jerry Holloway (stripe shirt), Mary Chambers Ellis, Betty Chambers Cabeen, Billy Fry, and person's back?
daisy5a.jpg (38981 bytes) The Clinic once stood here and the pond/barn beyond the fence.
daisy5b.jpg (38828 bytes) Stanley Wofford - In background Ken Clay is personally manning the watermelon (green shirt and shorts).  Free cokes, Little Debbies, cake, anyone?
daisy6.jpg (31552 bytes) It's 4:00 a.m. end of reunion day and we are still talking - Daisy Hawk, Christine Haven and Judy Anderson (at Judy's gorgeous home, she's an Interior Designer).
daisy6a.jpg (28550 bytes) Mary Chambers Ellis and Betty Chambers Cabeen.
daisy6b.jpg (18273 bytes) Daisy Hawk and Christine Haven inside the Dent House.
daisy7_ch_hj.jpg (45185 bytes) Christine Haven and Harry Jackson, first meeting since the website began.
daisy8.jpg (36076 bytes) Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Holloway and group.
daisy8a.jpg (36677 bytes) Daisy Hawk and Jimmy Holloway
daisy8b.jpg (28487 bytes) Betty Chambers Cabeen (brown suit) talking to Jim Evett and Billy Fry.
daisy9.jpg (28624 bytes) Andy Shavers and Jimmy Holloway (center), Scrapbooks room.
daisy9a.jpg (42437 bytes) Reunion Group
daisy9b.jpg (27985 bytes) Danny Lusk, Jerry Presley (yellow shirt), Mrs. George Frazer and Pam Presley's little son.
daisy3b.jpg (21821 bytes) Daisy Hawk and Christine Haven
daisy12.jpg (21004 bytes) The Historic Dent House sign next to the Superintendent's home.