Dianne Williams and Christine Haven


September 2003

Dianne    and     Christine


True to our words, we met again in September 2003.  This time we had 10 days to talk!!!

So that's what we did, we talked, we drove around Houston and I showed Dianne all the sights plus the beautiful locations on real estate.  Dianne has an eye for quality properties and we enjoyed discussing houses, real estate in general and prices.  She quickly found that real estate in Houston is a lot lower than in California.  We hypothetically decided that if she sold her home in California, she could buy a mansion in Houston.  No chance of that though because California is in her blood and her husband, Tom, children and grandchildren are there.  I believe that's the same for all of us.  We have made our familial roots ourselves and are now living the future that Bonny Oaks delved to prepare for us.

We did go back to Lufkin to see the boys and grandchildren again.  Plus we drove 150 miles to the nearest Krystal to get cheeseburgers, fries, chili and coke.  Dianne hadn't eaten at the Krystal in many, many years.  Texas got their first Krystal last year in Beaumont, Texas, so that's where we headed!

I just called Dianne because I was amazed that out of 10 days, we had taken so few pictures.  That's what talking will do for you, make you keep forgetting to stop and take pictures!  Here are the ones we (Dianne mostly) took.


krystal-in-texas.jpg (31327 bytes)    The Krystal in Beaumont, Texas, on a beautiful stormy Texas day!

krystal-menu.jpg (50782 bytes)    Inside the Krystal - Menu

krystal-menu1.jpg (49624 bytes)    Inside the Krystal - Menu

chris-and-taco-lady.jpg (33802 bytes)    A Texas Taqueria - This place has the best breakfast tacos - they are responsible for one of my double chins!  The inside is spotless and run by a husband and wife that are very nice and always wanting to please customers.  I am standing next to the woman, but don't think you can make out the faces.

chris-and-truck.jpg (55752 bytes)    Christine - my truck outside the Taqueria, complete with fire truck in background.

bobcat.jpg (45667 bytes)    Christine's son, James Howard's home.  The stuffed Bobcat stands watch.

chris-riley-trevor.jpg (20508 bytes)    Christine with James' sons: Trevor Howard 12 years old, Riley 5 years old.  Dianne is in room (sorry Dianne), lol.

dianne-at-taqueria.jpg (51898 bytes)    Dianne, inside the Taqueria.  She wasn't quite sure of the place at first because it was so by-the-road, but the food was great and she liked the atmosphere, lol.

dianne-at-taqueria1.jpg (53713 bytes)    Dianne and the hat!

granny-and-grandsons-9-2003.jpg (37034 bytes)    Christine's grandsons by James:  Trevor on right armrest, Riley on the outside left and Jared, 2 years old, on second left.  Dianne is in room, lol.

granny-and-simon.jpg (33947 bytes)    Visiting Christine's daughter, Carrie Jay's house and pictured with one year old grandson by Carrie.  His name is Simon Jay Hale.  Dianne is in room, what a great visit, huh Dianne, lol!

james-howard-9-2003.jpg (18663 bytes)    Visiting son, James Howard, at his house.  James is 33 years old.  Dianne is standing beside Christine in room, lol.

simon-asleep-on-couch.jpg (31243 bytes)  And last but not least, this is what "Grannies" do, they rock their granny-baby to sleep.  Simon Jay Hale, 1 year old in picture.

After Dianne saw this page, she sent the following email.  Her memory is great and here's some more of our reunion memories:

July 11, 2004

"Hey Christine!

Toby Keith sings, "Me, lets talk about "Me". Well, I saw me and you, you and me, lol, on the web reunion page.  I laughed so hard about the green light. I know it's just a story that only you and I can really get cause we were there.  I have been laughing since I read it.  I'm still laughing!  Memories!  Oh, the things we do for a fun time out.

The second reunion was a good one.  We went to Krystals and you got chili free.  The guy thought you were a "mystery shopper."  Lol, I love that!   I walked into Jimmy's house and about jumped out of my skin to see taxidermy bobcat on the floor.  Jimmy told me all the story about how he got it.  I loved seeing your grandchildren.  I loved seeing your homes and places you worked.  Remember how we got the last strawberry cheese cake at that Pie Shop and just couldn't wait to eat it so we dug into it while you were driving?  We managed to save enough for Carrie to have some.  I liked seeing Carrie and Simon.  Enjoyed our babysitting him.  Loved Texas rainstorms!

Thanks for the tour of Galveston and the Bayou.  Remember us going into the fish market in Kemah.  I was looking at those blue crabs. Someone had tongs and looking at which ones to buy.  I remember the security guard standing by. I asked if you cook crabs the same way you do lobster.  Hot boiling water?  He said, oh you should hear them scream and he was laughing.   I said we'd get some shrimp on my next visit cause my time was running out.

You and I had some nice times.  I liked scanning photos for you during the day while you were at work.  When I came home Tom went out and bought me a scanner.  He is so funny.  This is so neat that you can save our memories.  I have enjoyed our talks on the phone.  Thanks for our memories.  We need to get together to make some more.

Lots of love to you from me.
Dianne - ox's"