Lynda "Dianne" Williams'
Bonny Oaks and Vine Street
Personal Photo Album


Number Picture Description
1 diane1955-4.jpg (37635 bytes) Dianne with her cousin, Paula, visiting at their grandmothers in Georgia.
2 dw_diane1955-3.jpg (48199 bytes) Dianne's half brother, Jack, at the grandparents house.  The grandparents raised Jack.
3 dw_diane1955-4.jpg (49669 bytes) Half brother, Jack, and Dianne.
4 dw_dianne-16day.jpg (34863 bytes) Dianne at 16 days old.
5 dw_dianne_vine_st2.jpg (27966 bytes) Cover of Children's Home pictures kept by family members.
6 dw_dianne_vine_st3.jpg (54986 bytes) Dianne was under two (2) years old when put in The Childrens Home.
7 dw_dianne_vine_st4.jpg (65512 bytes) Dianne's paternal grandmother, Grandma Roxie, on visiting Sunday.
8 dw_dianne_vine_st5.jpg (63574 bytes) Dianne - Vine Street back yard - Grandparents' dog on visiting day.
9 dw_dianne_vine_st6.jpg (36141 bytes) Dianne - Vine Street
10 dw_dianne_vine_st7.jpg (63384 bytes) Dianne - Playing with her doll in the Vine Street Childrens' Home sandbox.
11 Dianne - Vine Street playing with Grandparent's dog they brought to visiting day.
12 dw_diane1955-5.jpg (52391 bytes) Dianne and cousin, Paula, in Grandma's garden.
13 dw_dianne_grandfather.jpg (49217 bytes) Dianne's Grandfather and his dog.
14 dw_dianne_grandmother.jpg (41706 bytes) Dianne with her Grandmother
15 dw_dianne_and_mother.jpg (27712 bytes) A rare photo of Dianne's mother, Flossie, holding Diane as a baby.
16 dw_dianne_cousins.jpg (45622 bytes) Dianne in her Bonny Oaks t-shirt with cousins, Paula and Lori, in Grandma's garden.
17 dw_2sunnyside_grade4.jpg (83536 bytes) Dianne's 4th grade class at Sunnyside Elementary - Vine Street days.  Dianne is in front row, 4th from left.  Other Bonny Oaks to-be kids in this picture:  Bonnie Louise Mullins (3rd row, 1st from left), Cheryl Brady (2nd row, 3rd from left) and her brother, Lonnie Brady (2nd row, 4th from left).
18 dw_newsp_pic3.jpg (140611 bytes) Early 1950's Valentine party given to some Vine Street children by Brownie Troop.  Dianne is seated on floor, second from left.
19 dw_newsp_pic5.jpg (128464 bytes) Childrens Home Brownie Troop photo (Dianne, Daisy and Delma Hawk and Kathleen Lee).  Estimate age 8 or 9.
20 dw_dianne_and_santa_1952.jpg (59566 bytes) Santa and Dianne taken at Miller Brothers in Brainerd, Chattanooga, TN (down the street from the Childrens Home).
21 dw_santa_dianne1952.jpg (92227 bytes) Dianne and Santa (with picture holder)
22 dw_bos_dorms_sch.jpg (85114 bytes) One of few views of Bonny Oaks buildings including Little Girls Building (hill, on the left).
23 dw_diane_bbq.jpg (46608 bytes) Dianne with a club member at a Bonny Oaks picnic.
24 dw_dianne_school1.jpg (28513 bytes) Dianne wearing her school monitor pin at Boyd-Buchanan School, age 12 years.
25 dw_dianne_school2.jpg (35830 bytes) Dianne, age 12 or 13.
26 dw_dianne_school3.jpg (23692 bytes) Dianne, age 16.
27 dw_dianne_school4.jpg (26819 bytes) Dianne, 17 years old - San Clemente High School in California.
28 dw_dianne_school6.jpg (30110 bytes) Dianne, age 15 or 16.
29 dw_bb_class1963-64-l.jpg (80905 bytes) Boyd-Buchanan 6th Grade Class - Bonny Oaks kids are all of second row, Jimmy Shavers (1st chair), Dianne Williams (2nd chair), Wanda Stewart (3rd chair) and Andy Shavers (4th chair).
30 dw_bb_class1963-64-r.jpg (83374 bytes) 1963-1964 Boyd-Buchanan 6th Grade (right side of class picture).  Other than above picture, last Bonny Oaks kid in this class is Jerry Haven (row next to window, 2nd chair).
31 dw_girls_bldgs.jpg (49497 bytes) View of Girls Building on hill.  Little Girls (left) and Big Girls (right).
32 little_girls_bldg.jpg (64671 bytes) Front view of Little Girls' Building - this picture is best one of this building on website to-date.  This building was not included on the postcards made of Bonny Oaks buildings in the 60's.
33 little_girls_bldg1.jpg (121483 bytes) Little Girls' Building - Closer view.
34 dw_vine_st_path_sunnyside.jpg (58768 bytes) Dianne revisited Vine Street - Standing on the bridge which started the path (behind her) we walked to go to Sunnyside Elementary.
35 dw_mary_gaston.jpg (17404 bytes) Mary Gaston school picture.
36 Perfect Attendance Certificate in the second grade at Sunnyside Elementary - Vine Street.
37 dw_newsp_pic1.jpg (135127 bytes) Newspaper picture of Bonny Oaks watermelon cut.
38 dw_newsp_pic2.jpg (142744 bytes) August 13, 1963 Newspaper picture of watermelon cut for VFW.
39 dw_bos_women.jpg (64019 bytes) Mrs. Adamson (far left), her sisters and office staff at Bonny Oaks.
40 dw_realestate_car_prices_19.jpg (221608 bytes) Backside of one of Dianne's newspaper clipping shows a cartoon, real estate and car prices in the early 1960's.
41 dw_bos_girl.jpg (54298 bytes) Maxine
42 dw_mr_mrs_adamson1972.jpg (61523 bytes) June 11, 1972 - Mr. and Mrs. Adamson
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