Tribute to Dad
by Ginger Marie Yell Willemsen

My father lived at Bonny Oaks for several years as a child.  I saw a picture that was taken in 1959.  My father's name is David Lebron Yell.

I think that the funniest story my dad ever told me was when he and some other boys would catch crickets, and melt them in chocolate.  He told my brothers and I that he enjoyed eating chocolate covered crickets, and grasshoppers!  I doubt seriously that happened, but you never know!

My dad has a lot of memories of Bonny Oaks.  He talks of it often.  We occasionally still get to visit Mr. Adamson and his wife.  They are wonderful people.  My dad often told us that he thought of Mr. Adamson as a dad.  I suppose he was a "dad" to everyone there!

I think this web site is really nice.  I never lived at Bonny Oaks, but seeing all of the pictures of so many children that lived there...........Well, I think it's a real blessing for all of them to share.  I know that my dad can relive some of the nicer parts of his childhood through the many photos of people he knew.

Thank you for creating this web site.

Ginger Marie Yell Willemsen