Hatch Mini-Reunion

Sunday, 7-29-2007



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When George called and told me he was going to be in Houston this weekend, I couldn't wait to see him and his wonderful wife, Connie, again!  It had been several years since we visited.  George's brother, Marshall who was also a Bonny Oaks boy, had moved to Houston within the past year and they were coming to visit with him and his wife, Lee, for a few days.  We arranged to meet for Sunday dinner at Marshall and Lee's place.


Marshall-7-29-07.jpg (18132 bytes)  Marshall Hatch and wife, Lee Hatch  Lee-Hatch-1.jpg (23344 bytes)

It was really an exciting day to finally meet Marshall and his kind, gracious wife, Lee.  They made me feel so welcome in their home.  Their daughter, Debbie, joined us for dinner.  Debbie is a wonderful person and mentioned how she liked looking at the Bonny Oaks website the evening before!

Marshall-Lee-Debbie.jpg (21949 bytes)

Mom, Dad and Daughter
(Lee, Marshall & Debbie)



We were the guests of Marshall and Lee in the dining room


George-camera.jpg (22894 bytes) George's first order is to check our cameras.

Hatch-Sunday-Dinner.jpg (35397 bytes)  No "reunion" is complete without pictures  Hatch-dinner.jpg (39405 bytes)


Hatch-Reunion-7-29-07.jpg (31870 bytes)

George Hatch, Christine Haven and Marshall Hatch

Hatch-7-29-07.jpg (26760 bytes)

The Bonny Oaks "Kids"




Hatch-7-20-07.jpg (37979 bytes) 

Daughter, Debbie, took our group pictures
before she had to leave

Hatch-7-29-2007.jpg (37547 bytes)

It was so nice to meet you, Debbie!



We all sat in Marshall and Lee's living room and talked about our
children, grandchildren, friends, travels and, my favorite,
looking at the photo albums.

Marshall's photo album had pictures of family, him and George as children, their ancestors,
both guys as young adults in the
military (WWII, the best of the best),
and them as young men with their new families, their jobs and hobbies, etc.,

Marshall is a retired Meteorologist with the Miami Hurricane Center.
He has pictures of many awards he received over the years and
lots of golf pictures and trophies.  When I asked what he
did with all the trophies, etc. when he moved for retirement
to Houston, he promptly said, "Hurricane Andrew!".
After just learning of his military recon flights to check on hurricanes, how hurricanes
start as a tropical disturbance off of Africa, and the tours he conducted, I had to quip,
"Marshall, didn't you see Hurricane Andrew coming?"
It was a lot of fun!

Again, the album pictures are priceless! I mentioned that I hope they will have
them scanned and put on a DVD/CD for future generations
to have and enjoy.  


 George-Hatch-1.jpg (20425 bytes)

Connie-Hatch-1.jpg (19188 bytes)

George_and_Connie_7-29-07.jpg (188312 bytes)

George and Connie Hatch
Relaxing after dinner in Marshall & Lee's home

This is the part that I wish more Bonny Oaks kids could do.......have mini-reunions
and enjoy conversation while looking over Bonny Oaks pictures and other pictures of
their families and where life took them after their years at Bonny Oaks.


It was a great visit!

Thank you for inviting me and for your hospitality.

I hope to see you again next time there's

a visit of the brothers & wives!

Christine Haven
(Your Bonny Oaks sister)