Fun Get-Together at
Jim and Connie Evett's Home


Mary Chambers Ellis, Tammy & James Strickland, Jesse & Pauline Presley, Jerry Presley, James Ellis and Jimmy Evett

James Strickland & Jim Evett

Jesse & Pauline
"chowing down"

Mary Chambers Ellis and Tammy Strickland
Lots of laughs and fun

Connie, James & Mary Ellis and Christine Haven

Tammy on swing
James Ellis and James Strickland

Tammy & James Strickland

Tammy & James and Connie Evett

View of porch from Jim & Connie's kitchen

Lots of great barbecue and fix'ins

James and Jim

Mary, Jesse, Pauline and Jerry

Now this is a beautiful scene!

Mary, Jesse, Pauline and Jerry
Thank you, Jim and Connie, we all had a great time!