Joyce Stover Rowell's
Bonny Oaks Reunion Pictures
July 27, 2002


Pictures taken by Paul Rowell Description
Bonny-Oaks----2002.jpg (54231 bytes) Bonny Oaks - Adamson Circle Fountain 2002
joyce_stover_12.jpg (49740 bytes) Mickey Walker (Brown shirt), Mrs. Frazer, and George Frazer (Green)
joyce_stover_r1.jpg (48808 bytes) Reunion Group - Just arriving
joyce_stover_r10.jpg (53261 bytes) Reunion Day - Mr. Adamson (left), women unnamed, and Joe Presley (white hat).  Looking toward this direction years ago would have been the barn, pond, clinic and scout house/barbecue pit.
joyce_stover_r11.jpg (44709 bytes) Art Prichard and wife, Mary Prichard
joyce_stover_r12.jpg (36556 bytes) Daisy Hawk and Judy Anderson (1960's Alumni)
joyce_stover_r13.jpg (43670 bytes) Mrs. Adamson and Jerry Presley
joyce_stover_r14.jpg (56990 bytes) Mr. Adamson seeing Shirley Walker, Alumni, for first time since 1966.  Shirley's daughter standing behind her.
joyce_stover_r15.jpg (49935 bytes) Reunion Group
joyce_stover_r16.jpg (32251 bytes) Mr. Adamson and Clotilde Wallace
joyce_stover_r17.jpg (37318 bytes) Viewing the scrapbook pictures in a PowerPoint presentation - The Dent House.
joyce_stover_r18.jpg (48119 bytes) ? and Jesse Presley
joyce_stover_r19.jpg (51051 bytes) Reunion Group
joyce_stover_r2.jpg (26426 bytes) Viewing Scrapbooks - Dent House
joyce_stover_r20.jpg (48227 bytes) Where the Little Boys Building (Hagan Hall) once stood.
joyce_stover_r21.jpg (49058 bytes) Sign erected on the Dent House grounds.  The road was cut between the Superintendent's house and the Administration Building after the closing of Bonny Oaks.
joyce_stover_r22.jpg (49369 bytes) View of "the Circle" from the Superintendent's house and is now an Arboretum.
joyce_stover_r23.jpg (34402 bytes) Reunion Day - Getting setup
joyce_stover_r24.jpg (40347 bytes) Ronald and Donald (back) Kidwell.  Clotilde Wallace and other alumni
joyce_stover_r25.jpg (25721 bytes) Jerry Presley and Hilda Harris inside the foyer of The Dent House.  Mr. and Mrs. Adamson greeting alumni on outside entrance steps.
joyce_stover_r26.jpg (22624 bytes) Donald Kidwell and Barbara Pierce (back) with others in Scrapbooks room of the Dent House.
joyce_stover_r27.jpg (29804 bytes) (L-R) Ikie (Irene) Stewart, Mrs. Adamson, Barbara Pierce, Joyce Stover and Mrs. Artman.
joyce_stover_r28.jpg (58450 bytes) Getting ready for the Watermelon Cut sponsored by Ken Clay, last Superintendent of Bonny Oaks (in white Bonny Oaks caps and green shirt w/shorts).
joyce_stover_r29.jpg (68565 bytes) Alumni Group
joyce_stover_r3.jpg (21684 bytes) Cassidy Neighbors holding camera.
joyce_stover_r30.jpg (47492 bytes) Alumni group photo taken at the Hampton Inn on the night of the reunion.  Everyone continued to visit throughout Dinner and the evening.
joyce_stover_r31.jpg (33540 bytes) Visiting late into the evening at the Hampton Inn conference room.
joyce_stover_r32.jpg (65747 bytes) Decade Rosters
joyce_stover_r33.jpg (55404 bytes) Decade Rosters
joyce_stover_r34.jpg (62691 bytes) Decade Rosters
joyce_stover_r35.jpg (73054 bytes) Alumni Group at the Hampton Inn, Chattanooga, TN on 7/27/02.
joyce_stover_r4.jpg (26999 bytes) The Dent House Foyer - ?, George Hatch and his son, Ron Hatch
joyce_stover_r5.jpg (43489 bytes) Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jackson and Christine Haven (back), others in background.
joyce_stover_r6.jpg (63124 bytes) Reunion Group
joyce_stover_r7.jpg (59820 bytes) Decade Rosters
joyce_stover_r8.jpg (49464 bytes) Decade Rosters
joyce_stover_r9.jpg (51257 bytes) Decade Rosters