The Five Kidwell Brothers
Late 1930'
S until 1953
Photos Submitted by Dewane Kidwell except where noted
kidwell brothers.jpg (52433 bytes)

Front row left to right:  Don 8 and Ron 8 (Twins),  Dewane 5 years old
   Back row left to right:  Bobby 11 and Jerry 9 years old
"This picture was taken the first year I was at Bonny Oaks.
My brothers, prior to Bonny Oaks, lived at
Vine Street Childrens Home in Chattanooga, TN", Dewane

kidwell bobby 13.jpg (41521 bytes) Bobby Kidwell, age 13                         kidwell jerry 11.jpg (36832 bytes) Jerry Kidwell, age 11
kidwell don ron.jpg (38930 bytes) Don (left) and Ron (right), age 10      kidwell dewane 7.jpg (40159 bytes)  Dewane Kidwell, age 7
If you look at the above four pictures closely, you will realize they were probably wearing the same shirts and coats.

boys_dr_1940s.jpg (84023 bytes)Dewane:  "I recognize a lot of faces but forgot their names.  You can see Mrs. Camp and Mr. Hagan, their names are over their heads.  I am located in the 1st row, the last one on the left across from the Matron.  Johnny Evans is located in 1st row, 1st boy on right, next to male Matron."  Don Kidwell submitted dining room photo plus the next three pictures. Thank you, Don!

The dining room picture includes so many boys that I have scanned it by sections below so we can see all the boys and adults faces.
boys_dr_section_1.jpg (40661 bytes) Section 1 - left to right

boys_dr_section_2.jpg (55466 bytes)  Section 2

boys_dr_section_3.jpg (40044 bytes)   Section 3

boys_dr_section_4.jpg (48199 bytes)  Section 4

Here are some things Charley Camp noticed about the dining room photo: 
(1) Feet do not touch the floor!  (2) Boys are in Sunday garb!  (3) Obvious that baths had been taken the night before!  (4) Everyone appears content!  Back in those days we didn't know to feel sorry for ourselves.  When you've never had it, you don't miss it.  (5) Every boy then contributed to the common good of all.

The CHOKER and the CHOKER DELUXE, by Dewane Kidwell and Charley Camp:
Dewane Kidwell asked Charley to explain what a "choker" was to Renee', Dewane's wife.  Here is Charley's reply:
"A CHOKER, dear one, is a peanut butter sandwich (bread several days old!)---with a generous spread of "the stuff" and considered by all to be a complete evening meal!!  I'm sure peanut butter then was not as well prepared as it is today.  Too, I know for a fact the packaging wasn't as attractive as it is now.  The main thing for the children at Bonny Oaks was it's nourishing benefits.  We were full to the gill and choking with each feeding!  I don't recall ever turning a Choker down!!  Milk and water was used to wash it down!!  Yes, we certainly complained and joked about Chokers!! Such was life for a group of boys who, for the most part, enjoyed dormitory life and each other."

Dewane's additional explanation of the Choker was the "CHOKER DELUXE".  
"We all would get 2 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches & take them to the boiler room & put a poker through them as you would a marshmallow or lay them on a shovel & open the boiler door that heats the building & toast the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.  That would make it a "Choker deluxe."

big_girls_room_1940s_1.jpg (32371 bytes)  Norma Ruth Games on bed and the girl sitting in the chair is unknown - 1948 or 1949.  Thanks, Don!

planting_corn_1940s_1.jpg (16908 bytes)  David Miles on the tractor and Donald Kidwell planting corn.  Full picture, close-ups below. 

miles_tractor.jpg (48809 bytes)  Close up of David Miles on tractor above (age 15).

don_kidwell_mule.jpg (18559 bytes) Close up of Donald Kidwell and mules.
The mules are Mag and Mandy or Kate & Candy, approximately 1948.  Thanks Don!

kidwell_donald.jpg (11011 bytes)  Donald Kidwell, approximately 11 years old.  Thank you, Don!

warner_park_tc.jpg (120273 bytes)  Student Body swimming trip to Warner Park.  Submitted by Jerry Kidwell, thanks Jerry!

billy_david_miles.jpg (72030 bytes)  Billy Miles (standing) and David Miles.  Submitted by Jerry Kidwell

boys_milking_barn.jpg (92626 bytes)  "Coming out of milking barn" - (left to right) Billy Gaines, Bonny the cow, Jerry Kidwell in rear, and Pat is on the right.  Thanks Jerry!

marcus_dallas_dewane.jpg (75301 bytes)  Marcus Morgan (left), Dallas Harshaw (sitting) and Dewane (kneeling on laundry coal bin)
Submitted by Jerry Kidwell.

kidwell dewane letter to mother.jpg (47756 bytes)  kidwell dewane ltr to mother 2.jpg (44360 bytes) 
Letter from Dewane to his Mother (notice who helped him write the letter)
kidwells_and_mother.jpg (83045 bytes) Kidwell boys pictured with their Mother (submitted by Jerry Kidwell)

kidwell crabtree ltr 1944.jpg (136365 bytes)   kidwell crabtree ltr to mother 1944 pg 2.jpg (80012 bytes)   Letter Mrs. Crabtree wrote to boys' mother in 1944 "Mrs. Crabtree was quite a Lady"
Mrs. Crabtree's letter mentions a military plane that crashed on the Bonny Oaks campus two weeks before she wrote this letter to the boys' mother (efforts are being made to locate newspaper accounts of the plane crash for the website).  Her letter, as you will see, is a testament to her sincere interest in the children and it is also a wonderful account of summertime at Bonny Oaks.

Here is the newspaper articles about the above 1944 military plane crash (thank you, Harry Jackson, for doing the footwork in getting copies from the Library):
bonnyoaks_plane_crash1.jpg (80514 bytes)    bonnyoaks_plane_crash2.jpg (75432 bytes)   bonnyoaks_plane_crash3.jpg (112296 bytes)  

kidwell jerry vietnam.jpg (100047 bytes)Jerry Kidwell - This newspaper article describes Jerry as having an "All-American Boy" image.  The picture is a U.S. Army Photo and the article is about his accomplishments as a Golden Knight 'Chutist who was leaving for his fourth tour of duty overseas - Vietnam. 

kidwell jerry parachute jump golden knight.jpg (39605 bytes)Jerry Kidwell - Parachute Jump, Mid-air.
  Practicing for the U. S. Army's Golden Knights Team - 1965

kidwell dewane don ron newspaper air force.jpg (43302 bytes)April 24, 1955 - One day before Dewane's 17th birthday and the day before they entered the Air Force - newspaper picture of Don, Ron and Dewane in the U. S. Air Force.

kidwell dewane army portrait.jpg (61576 bytes)Dewane's U.S. Army photo - 1958 Morocco

kidwell donald usaf 1956.jpg (98974 bytes)Donald's U.S. Air Force photo - 1956

kidwell dewane tyner high school.jpg (55301 bytes)  Dewane at Tyner High School

kidwell dewane 10 brown bean.jpg (63525 bytes)  Dewane (Brown Bean), age 8

kidwell dewane by car.jpg (28144 bytes)
Dewane standing by a car - age 8.  

kidwell dewane on sunday.jpg (61494 bytes)Dewane - Picture taken on a Visiting Day Sunday - Superintendent home in background

jerrykidwell_car.jpg (101876 bytes) Jerry Kidwell standing by car (missing a shoe?).  Thanks for sending, Jerry!

kidwell_bobby_newspaper.jpg (46855 bytes)Bobby Kidwell in a newspaper clipping from Vine Street, earlier children's home (3rd from left).

bonny_oaks_eats.jpg (116146 bytes)  Newspaper article headlines "Bonny Oaks Eats".  Submitted by Jerry Kidwell.
chapel_news_article.jpg (80487 bytes)  Newspaper article on sale of Bonny Oaks Chapel, 1994 - Thanks Jerry!

kidwell dewane and renee'.jpg (74820 bytes)Dewane and Renee' Kidwell at their son's wedding 1990

kidwell marc tim michael steve.jpg (62534 bytes)Dewane and Renee's sons (left to right) Tim, Marc, Michael and Steve

kidwell_dewane_family_1990.jpg (16888 bytes)   Marc's wedding day

kidwell_mr_and_mrs_lindsay.jpg (17394 bytes) kidwell_mr_lindsay_1956.jpg (10869 bytes) Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay - October 1956

kidwell_mr_lindsay_and_dog.jpg (13702 bytes) Mr. Lindsay, May 1961

kidwell_mrs_lindsey.jpg (16173 bytes)   Mrs. Lindsay - May 1961

kidwell_mr_lindsay.jpg (7801 bytes)Mr. Lindsay - August 1961 - On the back of this picture, Mr. Lindsay wrote "This is Petie, the little black kitten that the Bonny Oaks boys brought me one day from the swimming hole.  He was a darling and lived to be 13 before he became paralyzed".

kidwell_nancy_coffer.jpg (20875 bytes) Nancy Cofer - Graduated in 1954, Tyner High School

kidwell_son_visit.jpg (10138 bytes)  April 1977 visit to Bonny Oaks - Dewane's youngest son and Mr. Adamson (left) and Mr. Boyd (right)

In November 2001, Dewane and his wife, Renee', visited Bonny Oaks and sent these pictures of the Chapel.  Dewane is standing in front of the Chapel on the first picture.
kidwell_dewane_chapel 2.jpg (40410 bytes)   kidwell_chapel_flag.jpg (43953 bytes)   kidwell_chapel_back.jpg (41733 bytes)    kidwell_chapel_inside.jpg (24983 bytes)

kidwell_snoopy.jpg (18948 bytes)
Everyone in our day remembers "SNOOPY"!