Lester Bailey's
Bonny Oaks Pictures


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artmans_and_boys.jpg (125434 bytes) Summer of 77" - Mr. and Mrs. Artman and the Boys:  "Moma, Jimmy Jandropick (friend visiting one of the Bonny Oaks boys), Big Daddy, Robbie Coleman, Ronnie Nash and Lester".
artmans_and_boys2.jpg (142679 bytes) Moma, Big Daddy, Papa, Mama, Ronnie Nash, Lester and Ricky Nash
bailey_basketball.jpg (40133 bytes) Lester's Basketball Team Photo
bailey_by_pond.jpg (46848 bytes) Lester by the pond with the Chapel in the background
bailey_cat.jpg (42407 bytes) Lester today with the "Bailey" cat
bailey_danette_beach.jpg (71785 bytes) Lester with Danette Beach
bailey_easter.jpg (170054 bytes) 1. Laura Vickers and Lester at a Bar-B-Q
2. Bonny Oaks Pond
3. Lester on Easter Sunday
4. Danny and Lester
bailey_faces.jpg (47381 bytes) Lester "The Faces I've Been"
bailey_florida_trip.jpg (187194 bytes) 1. Lester's room at the Big Boys building.

2. D. Benshoff and Lester during a "disciplinary action"
benshoff_and_bill.jpg (74034 bytes) Mr. Benshoff and Bill
bonny_oaks_bus_inside.jpg (105981 bytes) Inside the Bonny Oaks bus with Pauline (standing), Johnny Vickers, Sheila, Lamar Perkins
boys_artmans.jpg (200585 bytes) August 1978 - (top) Harold Robbins, Lamar Perkins, Johnny Vickers, Bo Vickers and (bottom) Mr. and Mrs. Artman
danny_by_pond.jpg (143251 bytes) Danny at the Pond with the Chapel in the background
ducks_by_pond.jpg (57765 bytes) Lester at the pond with the ducks.  Superintendents home (left) and back of the Clinic (middle) in the background
homecoming_anita_and_lester.jpg (23230 bytes) 1978 Homecoming Picture - Lester and Anita Bryant
johnny_and_danny.jpg (78047 bytes) Johnny Vickers and Danny
juniorsenior_prom_lester.jpg (156967 bytes) Junior Senior Prom - Lester and Joann Zigie
mrs_artman.jpg (174424 bytes) Mrs. Artman
mrs_artman2.jpg (111838 bytes) Mrs. Artman closeup
mrs_artman3.jpg (49809 bytes) Mrs. Artman - A Beauty
ricky_nash_fishing.jpg (97561 bytes) Ricky Nash and the fish he caught
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