Maymie DeLong's
1934 - 1938
Bonny Oaks Pictures


Picture Description
mdl-yard.jpg (57581 bytes) Maymie DeLong sitting on the lawn
mdl-and-girls.jpg (32208 bytes) 1937 or 1938
Maymie DeLong (left), "unknown", and Juanita Drew (right)
mdl-tyner-class.jpg (99777 bytes) Tyner High School Class of 1936-1937 or 1937-1938
Maymie DeLong is sixth girl (counting across the 4th row from the left of the girl sitting on brick wall).  Maymie's wearing a light colored sweater.  Do you recognize other Bonny Oaks kids in this picture?
mdl-news-conference.jpg (77053 bytes)
1937 or 1938
Newspaper article of the group attending the Congregational Conference.

Pictured are Mrs. W. S. Keese, Mrs. Harvey Keese, J.M. Peyer, Wiley Peyer, Warren Adair, Jr., Billy Prigmore, Juanita Drew, Eva Gasaway, Frances O'Dell, Maymie DeLong, Jacob Whitt, Edgar French, Dorothy Crowe, Margaret Springer, Lorena Lynch, Jane Milburn, Florence Carpenter, the Rev. M.J. Sweet and the Rev. Alfred Hurst.

Maymie is sitting on the car at the drivers window.
mdl-the-keeses.jpg (25975 bytes) Mr. and Mrs. Keese - About 1940
mdl-christmas-card.jpg (25771 bytes) Mr. and Mrs. Keese's daughter, Lallie Belle Keese McKenzie's Christmas postcard.  About 1940.

Maymie DeLong lived with the McKenzie's for four years.
mdl-my-dream.jpg (32213 bytes) 1937 - "MY DREAM" cover page.  Pamphlet created to raise donations for the Bachman Chapel.

By Mrs. William S. Keese, Sr.
Bonny Oaks, Chattanooga TN
mdl-my-dream5.jpg (56221 bytes) "MY DREAM" inside left page.  Proposed Bonny Oaks Bachman Memorial Chapel artists' rendering.
mdl-my-dream6.jpg (73422 bytes) "MY DREAM" inside right page.  This poem is also on a plaque located inside the Chapel today. 
mdl-my-dream3.jpg (24695 bytes) "MY DREAM" back page.

"Will You Help Me Realize My Dream?"
mdl-and-clara.jpg (57129 bytes) Maymie DeLong and Clara Mae Woody's May 2003 reunion in Chattanooga.  Maymie and Clara were at Bonny Oaks together in the 1930's.
mdl-and-clara-woody.jpg (23659 bytes) Clara and Maymie outside the hotel - first meeting in over 60 years.
mdl-at-hotel.jpg (50122 bytes) Visiting each other in the hotel's lobby.
Clara Mae Woody Dietrich, Maymie DeLong-Jones and Marilyn Jones-Koshinski (Maymie's daughter, Marilyn, arranged their reunion).
mdl-and-daughter.jpg (38045 bytes) And....this is what Bonny Oaks was all a child the chance to have a normal life.  Here is Maymie and her daughter, Marilyn, who accompanied her back to her childhood home and walked each step of the way down memory lane with her mother.

"Her own child who loves her very much"!

God Bless You, Maymie!
Marilyn's email after arriving home in New Mexico:  

Maymie and I had a wonderful walk through the past in Chattanooga.  The church opened the Dent house to us so Mom could reminiscence past years from her old bedroom window [she shared the upstairs first bedroom on the right with three other girls for the last two years that she lived at Bonny Oaks.] 

We had the reunion with Clara Mae Woody which was great fun.  Clara is a charming person that I wish I lived closer to so we could visit more often.  Clara's nephew brought her to our hotel and had to endure three very talkative women, I can't thank him enough..... how I wish we had more time.

Thank you for getting us in touch with Clara and a very Happy Mother's Day to you!,
Marilyn Jones-Koshinski    PS. will be sending you photo's of the past and present next week!
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