The Adamson Family
April 11, 2008

Email from Michael Adamson - 4/14/2008

Christine, I was going to wait for a while to write to you but the tribute on the website has stirred me to immediate action!

First and foremost, let me thank you most profoundly for your efforts in keeping the "torch" burning for all the students from Bonny Oaks.  It will truly live forever and I know (because he told me frequently) that my father was really proud of all of you.  As to the photo in the top right corner of the 4/11 posting:

bulletMarion  (Old guy living in Nashville and working as an architect)
bulletJan Adamson Johnson (MMA's niece, daughter of his younger brother Dick)
bulletMichael  (even Older guy living in South Carolina and working as a commercial real estate developer)
bulletStuart Adamson (Marion's son)
bulletMrs MMA or "Grandmother" as everyone else in the picture knows her...
bulletBonnie Crawford Adamson (Michael's wife)
bulletDustin Williams (fiance of Stephanie Adamson (Michael & Bonnie's younger daughter)
bulletStephanie Adamson (fiancee of aforementioned Dustin Williams until May 24, 2008 at which time she will become Stephanie Adamson Williams)
bullet(back) William (Will) Moorhead (husband of Jennifer Adamson Moorhead, Michael & Bonnie's older daughter)
bullet(front) Alice Hankins (sister to Mrs MMA and who has been a lifesaver for the last two years)
bulletJennifer Adamson Moorhead (wife of aforementioned Will Moorhead)
bulletErin Adamson Collis [spelling may be wrong]  (Grand-niece of MMA; daughter of Jimmy Adamson of Minnesota - Nephew of MMA and son of MMA next oldest brother O.A. "Jim" Adamson
bulletKatherine Johnson (daughter of Jan Adamson Johnson -second from left end)

Hope this helps.  Thank you again for all you do in keeping the school alive.

Michael Adamson