James Mickey Walker's
July 27, 2002
Reunion Pictures


Picture Description
mwalker16.jpg (37160 bytes) Mickey Walker and Mrs. Malcolm (George) Adamson
mwalker17.jpg (43026 bytes) Mr. Malcolm Adamson and Mickey Walker
mwalker1.jpg (39745 bytes) Mickey Walker, Aunt Lee (Lee Campbell) and Cookie (Aunt Lee's daughter).  Aunt Lee is George Frazer's aunt and Cookie is his first cousin.
mwalker2.jpg (47444 bytes) Mrs. Adamson (blue) with Irene Stewart and J.T. Stewart.  Background: Jerry Holloway (striped shirt) and Times Free Press Photographer (carrying camera bag).
mwalker3.jpg (40349 bytes) Mr. Adamson and Mickey greeting Irene Stewart (yellow) and J.T. Stewart (black and white shirt).
mwalker4.jpg (47650 bytes) Mickey Walker and Clarence (Boola) Sumner
mwalker5.jpg (48669 bytes) Mickey Walker and Tom Page.
mwalker6.jpg (45370 bytes) Danny Lusk, Fred Bramlett, John Bramlett and Mickey Walker.
mwalker7.jpg (44140 bytes) Mickey, Marie Camp and Charles Camp behind her, John Bramlett (blue) and Fred Bramlett.
mwalker8.jpg (47894 bytes) Jerry Presley (yellow stripes), Marie Camp, Jesse Presley and Charles Camp.
mwalker9.jpg (38044 bytes) David Yell (Bonny Oaks tshirt and cap), Jimmy Tucker and Mickey.
mwalker10.jpg (35945 bytes) Mickey Walker and David Yell seeing each other for first time in years.
mwalker11.jpg (37697 bytes) George Frazer and Mickey Walker.
mwalker12.jpg (38052 bytes) Mickey Walker, Harry Jackson and Mary Ann Neighbors Poe.
mwalker13.jpg (47861 bytes) Tom Paige, Eldridge Humphreys (red checkered shirt), Ron Yarbrough, Gene Hill (Bonny Oaks t-shirt and cap), Joyce Stover, Mickey Walker and Gene McKeel (seated).
mwalker14.jpg (46024 bytes) John Humphreys (checkered shirt), J.T. Stewart and Ron Yarbrough.
mwalker15.jpg (42999 bytes) Mickey Walker, Cassidy Neighbors, Eldridge Humphreys and John Humphreys.