Bonny Oaks Reunion Pictures
July 27, 2002


Picture Description
1939_bo_letterhead_notes.jpg (56213 bytes) Estimated 1938 - Bonny Oaks School letterhead stationary.  Typed "notes" on the letterhead, possibly for a newspaper article.
1939_bo_ltrhead_mildred_cor.jpg (76364 bytes) Ms. Mildred Corvin of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the grandniece of Ise Moore, who served on the Bonny Oaks Board of Trustees in 1938. He is pictured in the 50th Anniversary Booklet on the "Reunions" page.  Ms. Corvin forwarded the letterhead, along with her note, to Mr. Adamson for preservation.
christine_haven_committee_t.jpg (23747 bytes) Christine Haven - Taken by Mr. Adamson.
hatch_2002_reunion.jpg (26715 bytes) (l-r) Hannah Hatch, Connie Hatch and George Hatch, manning the t-shirt, caps, autobiography table at Reunion 2002, the Dent House.  Exceptional, exceptional job!
hatch_2002reunion_girls_tsh.jpg (57220 bytes) Christine Haven, Hannah Hatch and Connie Hatch
hatch_denthouse_2002reunion.jpg (27603 bytes) Hannah Hatch, Connie Hatch, and Hannah's father, Ron Hatch.
morty_lloyd_dent_house_arti.jpg (69184 bytes) May 27, 2001 Newspaper article interviewing Morty Lloyd- "Historic Dent House Bought, Restored".
susie_mcdonald_grad.jpg (33112 bytes) Susie McDonald Buckner - Graduation 1960's