Confessions of a Bonny Oaks "Barn Boy"

When I was eleven years old, I watched the older "Barn Boys" come into the cafeteria at the Home.  Boy I wanted to be just like them......they reminded me of a group of young "John Waynes".  They would swagger down the aisle in their blue jeans and load brogan boots.  James Dean had nothing on these guys.  I knew one day I would be just like them.
(but not the ones with the faint odors)

Sure enough 4 years later I joined the elite Bonny Oaks "Barn Boys"

But there were a few things nobody told me about the job!!!

Hey who turned on the's only 5 A.M.'s cold walking down to the barn in the dark.
(It seemed like it was 10 miles away)

Everybody is grumpy...........

Man these cows are Big and Strong...........

One of the cows kicked me and the milk flew everywhere.....
Quit laughing at's not funny.....

I reached for an udder and got a handful of manure..........

One cow had only three udders.....that's strange.

Quit hollering at me I am milking as fast as I can.....
(I am not getting up next.......that cow kicks everybody.....)

I have never seen so much manure in my life.

It took us 5-6 boys forever to milk the 30 cows by hand.

Now I have to walk back, shower, eat breakfast, go to school, and milk the cows again tonight (For the next 4 years)

Where were the Unions when you needed them.

                                                           Pete Hale, 1967