Barbara Allen Pierce-Burhan's
Bonny Oaks Pictures


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pierce_1981_reunion.jpg (142024 bytes) 1981 Reunion - Mrs. Adamson, Mr. Adamson, Jesse Presley, Jerry Presley, Harry Jackson, Joyce Stover, ? sitting
pierce_1981swimmingpool.jpg (107752 bytes) 1981 Reunion - Swimming Pool
pierce_admin_bldg-boys_1984.jpg (96461 bytes) Administration Building - Boys Building - 1984
pierce_barbara_1981reunion.jpg (99615 bytes) Barbara Pierce - 1981 Reunion
pierce_barbara_and_ginny_holland.jpg (114188 bytes) Ginny Holland and Barbara Pierce
pierce_barbara_at_circles_fountain.jpg (114818 bytes) Barbara Pierce standing by the Circle's fountain.
pierce_barbara_joyce.jpg (125605 bytes) Barbara Pierce and Joyce Stover - 1981 Reunion

"Joyce and I have fond memories of rooming together - when "Mom" Turner would turn off the lights at a certain time at night, Joyce and I would sit in the windows of our room (2nd floor) and read books by moonlight."
pierce_barbara_marthahumphreys_sherlin.jpg (86132 bytes) Barbara Pierce and Martha Humphreys Sherlin
pierce_big_girls_bldg1984.jpg (101443 bytes) Barbara standing in front of big girls building - 1984
pierce_clotilde_wallace.jpg (127493 bytes) 1981 Reunion - Clotilde Wallace and ? girl.
pierce_dent_house_1984.jpg (71293 bytes) Dent House 1984
pierce_joyce_alice_walker_barbara.jpg (67831 bytes) Woman in blue dress unknown, Joyce Stover, Alice Walker, Barbara Pierce
pierce_joyce_barbara.jpg (59488 bytes) Joyce Stover and Barbara Pierce
pierce_joyce_barbara_susan_friend.jpg (86996 bytes) Susan's friend, Joyce Stover, Barbara Pierce and Susan (Barbara's daughter)
pierce_joycestover_man_unknown.jpg (141801 bytes) Joyce Stover and Mr. Morris (Joyce's high school science teacher).
pierce_mrs_turner_barbara_shirley_frank_kids.jpg (105067 bytes) Back row:  Mrs. Turner, Barbara Pierce (purple), Shirley (Barbara's sister) and her husband, Frank. The four children are Shirley and Frank's.
pierce_laundry_bldg1984.jpg (143134 bytes) Laundry Building, 1984
pierce_little_boys_bldg1984.jpg (107678 bytes) The Little Boys building.
pierce_little_girls_bldg_1984.jpg (90946 bytes) The Little Girls building.
pierce_looking_down_at_boysbldg.jpg (75041 bytes) View from the big girls building: Big Boys Building and the school/gym on the other side.
pierce_names.jpg (122108 bytes) 1981 Reunion - men unknown
pierce_presley_harris-girls-hilda_yvonne.jpg (142476 bytes) 1981 Reunion - Daughter, Hilda Harris, Jesse Presley, seated: Yvonne Harris
pierce_joycestover_others_1981reunion.jpg (104181 bytes) 1981 Reunion: Right: Joyce Stover, man: Eldridge?, girl unknown
pierce_stover_ikie_stewart.jpg (119544 bytes) Joyce Stover, Irene (Ikie) Stewart and Barbara Pierce
pierce_yvonne_harris.jpg (128036 bytes) 1981 Reunion:  Yvonne Harris
pierce_view_from_girlsbldg_to_boys.jpg (124576 bytes) View looking down from girls building to Big Boys Building and School/Gym, Barn beyond.
Barbara will bring her pictures to the 2002 Reunion.