Jesse & Pauline Presley's
Bonny Oaks Reunion Submittals
July 27, 2002


Picture Description
presleys_reunion_1.jpg (54276 bytes) Mr. Ken Clay, last Superintendent of Bonny Oaks, Dana Presley (Greg's wife) and Pam Presley
presleys_reunion_10.jpg (51631 bytes) Reunion night at the Hampton Inn.
presleys_reunion_11.jpg (37907 bytes) Connie Hatch, Mary and Art Prichard (background), Judy Anderson Goodbrad and Christine Haven
presleys_reunion_12.jpg (22536 bytes) Jerry Presley (yellow shirt), Ronald Yarbrough (camera)
presleys_reunion_14.jpg (33464 bytes) l-r: James Ellis, Joe Presley and Jesse Presley
presleys_reunion_15.jpg (49781 bytes) Jerry Presley (yellow shirt) with 2 granddaughters, Jackie and Madison.  Tom Paige and his two granddaughters.
presleys_reunion_16.jpg (43015 bytes) Judy Goodbrad's daughter with stroller, Christine Haven and Mary Ann Neighbors signing the Decades Posters, Lester Robison and George Hatch on porch talking to Martha Sherlin, James Ellis (hand on column), and Joe Presley on steps (right) with cap.
presleys_reunion_13.jpg (35151 bytes) Mickey Walker, Ronald Yarbrough, George Frazer, Jerry Presley and Harold Stewart
presleys_reunion_17.jpg (23957 bytes) Judy Anderson Goodbrad and Joyce Stover Rowell
presleys_reunion_18.jpg (42302 bytes) Carla Castelberry and her mother in the Scrapbook room of the Dent House
presleys_reunion_19.jpg (51519 bytes) Bobby Yarbrough, Roy Tucker and Harold Stewart.
presleys_reunion_1b.jpg (40072 bytes) Andy Shavers and his daughters.
presleys_reunion_2.jpg (44367 bytes) Paul Rowell and others at the Hampton Inn.
presleys_reunion_20.jpg (32713 bytes) Joe Presley and Ronnie Day (nephew).
presleys_reunion_21.jpg (40027 bytes) Mr. Adamson and Judy Anderson Goodbrad (front); Susie McDonald Buckner and her husband (second), Betty Chamber's son walking down isle. Coming in for opening program.
presleys_reunion_3.jpg (20773 bytes) Daisy Hawk (white) and Christine Haven (blue).
presleys_reunion_4.jpg (30866 bytes) Mary and Art Prichard talking with Christine Haven.
presleys_reunion_6.jpg (41794 bytes) Billy Fry, James Ellis, Jesse Presley, Harry Jackson (crutches) and Jesse's grandson helping setup for the reunion.
presleys_reunion_7.jpg (38584 bytes) Reunion night gathered at the Hampton Inn for last visit.
presleys_reunion_8.jpg (24686 bytes) Jeanie and Tom Paige.
presleys_reunion_9.jpg (33650 bytes) Bobby Yarbrough.
presleys_reunion_22.jpg (43302 bytes) Scrapbooks room in the Dent House.
presleys_reunion_24.jpg (48450 bytes) Christmas Party - 1950's
presleys_reunion_25.jpg (55917 bytes) Christmas Party - 1950's
presleys_reunion_23.jpg (64983 bytes) Christmas Party - 1950's