Paul Hugh Watts
Bonny Oaks, 1955 - 1956
Message:  "We were there in the years of 55 and 56 I am guessing, we spent one Christmas.  They have a newspaper clipping of both of us helping erect the monkey bars, the picture is poor.  I think in the picture we are all on the bars.  I remember going to the Circus.  I remember getting a dollar to buy a Christmas gift for one of the boys.  I donít remember his name but we both liked the present we bought so much we kept them for ourselves.  I also learned to whistle there.  Our mother came and took us without permission and we moved to Dalton Ga. Where my brother Fred drowned in the lake behind Dalton Hospital.  Of course you have permission to post our names."  Today Paul lives in Ringgold Georgia and wrote later that he is still happily married to his wife, Judy, 45 years now. 
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