Roy Lee Dunn
The Children's Home
(Vine Street)
Personal Photo Album


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Number Picture Description
1 Middle or early 1960's
Jimmy Carney (Back row far right)
Others ? please identify anyone you know.
2 Jimmy McMahon (left)
Harley Gene Dunn (right)
3 Harley Gene Dunn, 4 years old (left)
Roy Lee Dunn, 6 years old (right)
4 Nancy, Larry and June (back row)
Harley Gene Dunn and Roy Lee Dunn (front row)
About 1955
5 Harley (left)
Paul Anderson (middle - broke Olympic World Record in 1962 World Weight Lifting)
Roy (right)
6 Larry Dunn (left)
Roy Lee Dunn (middle)
Nancy Jane Dunn (right)
7 Roy, Larry, Nancy and Harley (left to right)
About 1956
8 Roy Lee Dunn (middle)
Jimmy Walker (right)
? (left)
9 Jimmy Carney, Jimmy McMahon (Jimmy Wilson on picture is error)
10 Sp 4 Roy Lee Dunn
Bien Hoa, Vietnam 1969
11 Sp4 Roy Lee Dunn
U.S. Army
Bien Hoa, Vietnam
219th Military Intelligence Det
12 Basic Training, Ft. Benning, Georgia 1967 - 18 years old
13 Roy in 1977 at age 28
14 Southwest DeKalb High School, Decatur Georgia
1967 - 18 years old
15 Roy Lee Dunn's Military Medals
16 Mr. Everett, Houseparent, Chattanooga TN
17 The Children's Home (Vine Street), Chattanooga TN
18 Rev. Jack H. Ballard
Mt. Carmel Christian Church
Decatur, Georgia
(Roy lived with 1966-1967)
19 Larry and Doris Dunn
20 Nancy, Glenn, Lucille, June, Larry and Harley Dunn
21 Message to all from Roy
22 Pictures Collage
23 Roy's Uncle George Wallace holding Roy in 1948 (left)
Roy's mother, Lucille, holding Roy in 1948 (right)