The following pictures were sent in by Shirley Walker-Phillips:

swalker_in_wedding_dress.jpg (52723 bytes)  Shirley's Wedding Day picture 1966, taken in the Bonny Oaks Chapel.

swalker_wedding_reception.jpg (40020 bytes)  Shirley's Wedding Reception, held in the dining room of the Superintendent's House (The Dent House, now on the Historical Register).  Left to right: Christine Haven (Bonny Oaks), Frances Crowe (Frank's Aunt), Mrs. Malcolm Adamson, Jayne Wilson (Frank's sister), Stephanie Boyd (Bonny Oaks), Carol Hall (Frank's sister), and Rieda Browning (Shirley's best friend).

swalker_girls_by_car.jpg (27983 bytes)  Left to right: Brenda Hall on bicycle, Mindy Lawrence near car (Univ of Chatt), Nancy Tankersley, Linda Moore, Sheila Clayton,  rear of car: Barbara Pickett and Mary Snyder.

swalker_chris_betty_mary.jpg (20158 bytes)  Left to right: Christine Haven, Betty Chambers and Mary Chambers.

swalker_linda_stevenson.jpg (27639 bytes)  Linda Stevenson

swalker_linda_stevenson_sweatshirt.jpg (16150 bytes)  Linda Stevenson

swalker_big_girls.jpg (19894 bytes)  Left to right, sitting: Daisy Hawk and Mary Chambers.  Back l to r: Katie Rogers and Betty Chambers.

swalker_phillips_family.jpg (35126 bytes) The Phillips Family -  Left to right starting at the bottom: Courtney (Gerald's daughter), Shirley and Frank, Matthew and Kari (Sonja's children) and Patti (Gerald's wife), Sonja and Gerald (Shirley and Frank's children), and Robert Clayback (Sonja's husband).