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From Malcolm M. Adamson, Superintendent

Greetings!  Though over fifty years have passed since arriving at the Bonny Oaks School, there has never been a day gone by that many pleasant memories have not come to mind.  Among one of the greatest pleasures Mrs. Adamson and I have are the memories and contact we had with you during those years.  As an alumni, I am sure you too can recall your experiences there - hopefully, many of which are happy memories that will serve to override the initial trauma of your young lives.  You are always in our hearts!  

With God-given impetus, you are now making your mark upon the world by contributing to society and the Kingdom of God, I trust, in a very meaningful manner.  Despite the fact that there were hundreds of students who lived at Bonny Oaks School, I want you to know that each and every one is individually and constantly held in my heart and mind and prayed for daily.    Today, the Bonny Oaks School no longer exists.  The vast plantation is now covered with offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses and other businesses.  The Chapel still serves as a church, the office building serves as offices for the U.S-Tennessee and Hamilton County agriculture departments and the Director's (Superintendent's) home stands as a bed & breakfast hotel.  Although all the other buildings are now gone, note well:
The original school sign remains prominently set at the entrance of Adamson Circle.

Mrs. Adamson joins me in sending our heart-felt greetings and best wishes
to you and yours.  God Bless You All!


December 1999
Malcolm Monroe Adamson &
George Fodell Hankins Adamson

Email  Mrs. Malcolm M. Adamson at george.adamson89@gmail.com

Greetings from Ken and Amber Clay
Executive Director 1981 - 1984

Amber and I were houseparents at Hagen Hall, "The Little Boys Building", from 1973 - 1975.  We went to the Florida United Methodist's Children's Home in Enterprise, Florida, for almost a year and then returned to the Little Girls Building on the hill.  Our son, Kenny Clay, was born while we were living there.  Our next assignment was The Big Girls Building next door.  While there, I also became the first Director of Social Services for Bonny Oaks.  Our next move was to live in the basement of the Bonny Oaks Chapel when Mr. Adamson and the Board of Directors appointed me the Assistant to the Superintendent.  The living area was formerly the old coal bin.  We felt kinda like church mice.  Mr. Adamson retired in 1981 and I was appointed the new Administrator of the Bonny Oaks School.  Amber, Kenny and I moved to the Dent House and, believe me, we felt like Jed Clampett moving to Beverly Hills.  After about a year, Amber took a position with the Hamilton County Health Department and is now their Administrator of Data Processing.  When Hamilton County abolished the Bonny Oaks School, I joined Family and Children's Services of Chattanooga, Inc.  My title is the Director of Property Management and Purchasing.
Kenny Clay is now 24 and was married to Amy Brooks this past year at the Bonny Oaks Chapel by Mr. Adamson.  They had their wedding reception in the Dent House.  We have a daughter named Holly Elaine who is now 16 and is attending Central High School.
You may be interested to know that the old scrapbooks, picture albums, paper clippings, history, etc. are located in the Chattanooga Library on the 3rd floor in the Local History section.  Amber and I wanted to share our past and our present with you and want to wish you all the very best!  You were, and still are, very special to us.
May God Bless You and Keep You

Ken and Amber Clay - 2001

Email from Ken 5/31/2007

Here's what's going with Amber and I if you want to update our little site.

We moved from Ooltewah almost two years ago.  We now live in North Chattanooga in a tiny 1920's home.  It is only 701 sq. ft.  We live 6 blocks up from Coolidge Park and are 7 minutes from work.  Amber retired from the Hamilton County Health Department approximately 4 months ago.
Our son, Kenny, is now 30 and works for Bill Bennette, the Hamilton County Tax Assessor in a building on the old Bonny Oaks property where the little boys building was.  He and his wife, Amy, gave us our first granddaughter a little over 3 months ago.  Her name is McKenzie.
Our daughter, Holly, is now 22 and works as a manager for Nextel and Sprint.  She graduated from UTC and is buying her own home.
I still have a number of health problems but they haven't killed me yet.  I am retiring on September 14, 2007, which is only 3 and a half months away.  I will be 59 and a half.  Hopefully this will reduce a lot of stress which my system can't handle very well since I contact Lyme disease.
My email address will only be good until I retire.  I don't know if we will have a computer or not.
May God Bless You All!
Your Friend,

Ken Clay

Mr. and Mrs. William Shelton Keese
Superintendent and "Mother of" Bonny Oaks

keese_plaque.jpg (45115 bytes) Keese Hall Plaque        
Inscription reads:  Keese Hall - Dedicated to Wm. S. & Lucy Beall Keese in recognition of their devoted services to The Bonny Oaks School.
1925 - 1945

     mrs_keese_chapel_plaque.jpg (133830 bytes)  
Mrs. Keese Chapel Plaque - Located in foyer of the Chapel
Inscription reads:  Dedicated to Mrs. W. S. Keese In recognition of her zeal and unselfish
labor.  Her Dream Came True.  Because each child is an immortal soul.
Which lives while the year's of eternity roll.  A house of God, whose presence they feel,
As they meet and sing and in prayer shall kneel.
My Dream

  chapel_stain_glass.jpg (50742 bytes)  
The Chapel Stained Glass - Located on wall behind the pulpit in the Chapel
In Loving Mem'y of Billy Boy
William Shelton Keese III
*July 15th 1933 - Aug 10th 1939

  Dr. Keese was an extraordinary man!
dr_keese_obituary.jpg (43495 bytes)
Obituary Excerpt: "Bonny Oaks, since its establishment in 1897, had been considered a home for delinquent boys and girls.  Under the leadership of Dr. Keese and his first wife, it soon came to be regarded as a home for dependent children from broken homes who had no other place to go.  It was a matter of great pride to Dr. Keese that so many of Bonny Oaks alumni have done so well in life."

The following were taken from Memorial Booklet of Lucy Mildred Beall Keese 1959
      mrs_keese_7.jpg (9903 bytes)   mrs_keese_1.jpg (52104 bytes)   mrs_keese_2.jpg (74258 bytes)     mrs_keese_3.jpg (50237 bytes)       mrs_keese_8.jpg (18468 bytes)    mrs_keese_6.jpg (64234 bytes)             mrs_keese_4.jpg (78239 bytes)   mrs_keese_9.jpg (26147 bytes)     
keese_and_children_1946.jpg (41946 bytes)

"Please see Charley Camp's tribute to Mrs. Keese in his section of the Photo Album page"

Mrs. Margaret Radford

March 2002

Mrs. Radford has been at Bonny Oaks since the 1960's and still works today for the Family & Children Services at the boys cottage, Keese Hall.  Over the years she has assumed many titles during her decades of dedication to the children, including Houseparent, Assistant to the Director and Director of Campus Life.  She is proud to tell you that she is 80 years old; that her son, Henry, received a scholarship and graduated from the University of Miami in the state of Florida; that her daughter, Faith, lives in Chattanooga, runs a successful business and has two sons; and that she is extremely proud of her two great-granddaughters, Kaylx and Shelby!  When asked if many of the children from the Black side of Bonny Oaks ever returns to see her, she said "They come back and find you!  I receive many Mother's Day cards from them, and I still know them all by name".  Mrs. Radford writes the following message to her "Men and Women":

Dear Men and Women

I want you to know how thankful I am that God saw fit to put me in your lives.  There were so many days of hardship, mental anguish but there were more days of joy, anticipation and happiness through the many challenges that we had.  I look back on all those days and, as I close my eyes, I can remember each of you.  Remember the birthday parties, the barbeques, the days you received your report cards - how proud we were of so many good report cards.  Buth, igh, think about all the report cards that ere hid, that were changed and some just got lost in the shuffle - bu also, think of all the A's and B's that were hung and framed and things taken home with you.

I know as you read this, you will chuckle but I hope and pray that all of you are good Momma's and Daddy's.  I know some of you are taking care of your own parents and I think that is wonderful.  I look back on those days as our accomplishments, for, in this group there are lawyers, anesthesiologists, nursers, teachers, preachers, funeral directors, those who are aspiring artists, and those who are entertainers, cooks, chefs, beauticians, barbers.  There are a lot of single parents I am proud of and some good Momma's and Daddy's who are bringing their children up in the fear of God.  Remember to always reach for your dreams.  Never stop dreaming, never stop living, loving, believing.  For there is a higher Power than all of us

The picture below was sent to the website by
Charles and Darlene Calloway, both Bonny Oaks students
of Mr. & Mrs. Radford.
Please see the Bulletin Board for the
fine updates concerning the Radford's health we've received from Charles.

Mrs. Margaret Radford
Rev. John L. Radford (Deceased)

Staff Members in front of Chapel
Front Row, l/r:  Mrs. Artman, Mrs Burger, (?), Mrs. Furman, Mrs Radford, Linda Bowman
Second Row, l/r:  Mrs. Jackson, Ms. Caruthers, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Camp, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Adamson, Mr. Radford
Third Row, l/r: Mr. Hale, Jesse Presley, Pauline Presley, Ken Clay, Amber Clay, Mrs. Rice, Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Ferguson, Mr. (?), Mrs. Buffington, Mr. Boyd, Mr. Adamson

Jesse and Pauline Presley
Activities Directors 1962 - 1984

"Pauline and I planned activities for all the children from 1962 until 1984.  Picture on left was taken in 1962.  We raised our own two children, Greg and Pam, alongside the Bonny Oaks children.   It worked well for us as I was able to attend college in the mornings and work at Bonny Oaks in the afternoons.  After I received my BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Chattanooga in 1965, I worked outside Bonny Oaks as an accountant for some 25 years.  During which time Pauline took over as Activity Director.  She is now in her 18th year of childcare, and works for Family and Children's Services located on some of the old Bonny Oaks property.  During the time Pauline was Activity Director, I continued to coach the boxing teams, drive the bus, and help Pauline in her duties whenever she needed me.  We always tried to encourage the students to do their best at anything they wanted to try.  I was amazed at their skill and courage, especially in boxing.  They gave their all and usually won.  Some were really capable of being in the Olympics, if given the opportunity.
We were able to work and take Greg and Pam with us on all the activities.  Pam sometimes felt like the girls were her "sisters" and was always at the big girls building.  Pam now has three boys, Drew (4), Alec (2) and Trevor (5 months).  Greg is married to Dana and they have three children, Jordan (12), Tyman (6) and Dani (5).  We feel our tenure at Bonny Oaks also provided our children with a well-rounded childhood.  We want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Adamson for being a positive force in our lives.  Also, Ken and Amber Clay, for being dear friends to us.  And to all the Bonny Oaks Alumni: It was a real pleasure being a part of your lives and we wish you and your family only the very best in the future."

Click here to email Jesse and Pauline

Mrs. Billie Artman (Deceased)

March 2002
Bonny Oaks Years:  1950-1953 and 1974-1984 (at it's closing)
Mrs. Artman with her husband, Harold, and their son, Timmie, came to Bonny Oaks in 1950 as houseparents, left and then returned in the 1970's.  She will celebrate her 80th birthday on June 18, 2002 and still works today for the Family and Children Service in Chattanooga.  Mrs. Artman's collection of pictures from their two separate decades are a treasure to the website and are on the Photo Albums page.

Timmie died in the Vietnam war and Mr. Artman passed away in 1993.

Charles W. Camp ("Charley")
Student Activities Director/Summer 1957

very child on campus then was special to me.  Our morning swims were great fun!  The evening swims for teens (boys and girls) were a bit much at times, but we always managed to enjoy each other as Family.  I was privileged to teach many of you how to swim.  Also, I even pulled a few of you out of the pool when it was discovered that you couldn't swim a lick!  Ha!  The excursions off campus via the faithful green and white bus were highlights each week!  My summer finale was the ten day camping trip in the Great Smokey Mountains!  Nick was along for Camp Cook duties.  I recall we all ate like kings!  Wow!  What wonderful memories.  Well, Dear Ones, I trust life is good for you and all whom you love.  You were precious to me during the Summer of 1957 and you remain so today.
God Bless You,  Charley
Click here to email Charley and/or his Mother, Mrs. Kelly M. Camp"

Mrs. Kelly M. Camp
Dietitian:  1944 - 1954  /  1964 - 1975
Submitted by Charley Camp

nfortunately Mother isn't able now to write a note for inclusion here.  However, I know she would want everyone to know that even at 88 years of age, she still thinks kindly and appreciatively of every child/youth who graced the lovely campus we all knew as Home.  Mother was there for two lengthy service terms!  She was retired in the mid-seventies, I think.  During the last employment tour, she resided in the Chapel apartment and it is there where I took my two children to visit their Grandmother.  Both Allison and Chris love Bonny Oaks too!!  The great joy of Mrs. Camp's work experience was to plan the menu, purchase the food items, and then supervise the preparation and serving of every meal.  Mary Ann and I know that her days are numbered now.  She has lived a full life, served well, and is prepared for the end.  Charles"

rs. George (Sally) Turner
Deceased- Picture taken in 1963
Beloved Housemother to Big Girls (Junior High and High School)

rs. Jean Costello (Deceased)
Little Girls Housemother at Bonny Oaks, 1959
LIBRARIAN -  Mrs. Costello lovingly made the Photo Albums we are
trying to obtain from the county library.
Picture submitted by daughter, Virginia Costello Richie

Mrs. Costello and Ms. Billie were sisters.

Miss Billie - Bonny Oaks Clinic Nurse (Deceased)
Miss Billie always made us feel special and gave us extra, tender care when we were sick.  She was there for us day or night with medicines and all the jello we wanted to eat.  Sometimes we didn't want to leave the Clinic even after we were all well again.
Picture submitted by niece, Virginia Costello Richie

Mrs. Trazavant L. Crabtree, Houseparent

Mrs. Trazavant L. Crabtree was a mother figure to the boys.  Please read her letter, written July 26, 1944, to the five Kidwell brothers' Mother.   The typed letter was to let their Mother know how summertime was going for the boys at Bonny Oaks.  You will see her love written between the lines of this wonderful letter.  The letter is on the Photo Albums page in the Kidwell Brothers' section.



Mrs. Pat Gore, 1967 - Housemother (Deceased)
Picture submitted by Virginia Costello Richie

Martha Humphreys Sherlin - Sarah K. Patten Hall, Big Girls Building
"I was a house parent at the Sarah K. Patten Hall.  I am now retired.  I have one son and two grandchild, J.J. and Sunshine.

Mrs. Betty Seepe

"I taught the 3rd grade at Bonny Oaks in 1948-1950.  Some of my students were Patricia Allen, Mary Ann Neighbors, Wanda Roy, J. Ellis and many more.  I would love to be with you all at the reunion but we will be out of town."  Wednesday, July 24, 2002

mrs stowe.jpg (33060 bytes)
Mrs. Stowe (Deceased) and family - First & Second Grade Teacher at Bonny Oaks' school on campus

Ann Coulter - Staff Member, Summer Activities Coordinator, Summers 1969-1977
Message:  Although I was a staff member and not a resident at Bonny Oaks, I did a lot of growing up there.  I started volunteering there the summer I was 15 and worked there every summer after until well into graduate school.  I would love to find out more about the students who were there when I was, particularly the "little" and "big" girls, and make contact with them if possible.  I think about them often and wonder how they are doing.  The best way to reach me is through the email address registered here.
Click here to send an email to Ann at ann_coulter@comcast.net

Update December 9, 2004:  Ms. Ann Coulter is running for Mayor of Chattanooga!  She cares for Chattanooga and the people in Chattanooga - If you live in Ann's voting district, please get out and vote for her!  She will be a great Mayor!!!



Charles and Marie Camp
Message:"The dates may be off a bit but both Marie and I was honored to sponsor Bob Bramlett (picture to left)! He was about ten years old when we were married in the Chapel by Dr. Wm. S. Keese on October 29, 1960.  Special times include the few vacations he shared with us and the fun we had shopping with him and for him.  He was always easy to satisfy; pleasant to be with; fun-loving and game for adventure; and extremely polite and courteous to all."

Betty and Theresa Harvey
Sponsors and Friends of Christine Haven:  1962 - 1966 (Sponsored) / Today (Friends)
Message:  "Christine, we are proud of you.  Great idea and great site."

Eleanore Leonard Johnson
Sponsored Christmas Parties - 1953 through 1957
Message:  "It was a great thrill for me to find this Bonny Oaks website.  Each year at eleanore_leonard_johnson.jpg (9051 bytes)Christmas time, I make a statement to someone that the best Christmases our family ever had were the years we sponsored the parties at Bonny Oaks.  There were three of those parties.  How I remember the last party when we took 30 of you shopping and back to our house for dinner.  Thank you for bringing so much joy into the Leonard family.  My husband, Press, died in 1981 and I married Kenneth Johnson in 1985.  I have known Ken since we were nine.  It pains me when I visit Chattanooga and see the Bonny Oaks campus gone but nothing can take away the memories of those years.  It was Mary Jo Bolt who made a statement to us after the last Christmas party, 'They forget about us after Christmas'.  We were so touched by this that we bought our station wagon called 'The Bonny Oaks Express' and we visited the campus and kept in touch with you until we moved to California in 1958.  I would be happy to hear from any of you up here on Long Island, New York.



Cathy Bean - Friend to many Bonny Oaks children 1967 - 1970
Message:  "I visited the Bonny Oaks School many times between 1967 and 1970.  I was friends with many of the children, but I was close friends with Linda and Donald Purdy.  Linda visited in my home many times.  I think about them often and still love them dearly.  I am eager to hear from them.  The article in the paper was truly a blessing to me.  The children that lived at Bonny Oaks will be in my heart forever.  I think of them daily.  I will always love Donald and Linda Purdy.  Cathy (Bean) Stinnett
Click here to send an e-mail to Cathy at cathystinnett@aol.com

Jack Bozza - My Dad was the Farm Manager and although I was not a student at Bonny Oaks, I felt very much a member of the "family".
Message:  "Have just spent the last two-three hours reviewing the website and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Really enjoyed seeing some of the pictures from our youth and also enjoyed some of the news from the adults from Bonny Oaks.  Frequently visit Chattanooga and the area of the School; certainly have been a lot of changes.  Am happy they were able to preserve some of the buildings in spite of the progress.
Both my Mom and Dad have passed away.  Dad in 1987 and Mom in 1988.  My oldest brother, Jimmy, is married and has lived in Florida for several years.  Wayne, the other brother, has spent his adult life in Chattanooga and has probably been more in touch with the alumni of Bonny Oaks than any of my family.  He has mentioned several of the guys from time to time.  My younger sister, Sue, also lives in Chattanooga.  When I left Bonny Oaks in December of 1959, I joined the Air Force and have never lived in Chattanooga since.  Have lived in Atlanta, Michigan, Montgomery Alabama, San Francisco and am now back in Atlanta.  Retired from Lucent Technologies with 37 years service.  Thanks and will be in touch."
Click here to email Jack at jackbozza@worldnet.att.net

Evelyn Doty Dryman - Tyner Friend
Tyner High School - Friend to many Bonny Oaks children
Message:  "I went to Tyner High School and graduated in 1955.  I had many friends who lived at Bonny Oaks.  I can't remember lots of names, but remember the friends with fond memories."
Click here to send an e-mail to Evelyn at Rdryman@cs.com

Frank H. Pierce - Tyner Friend
Message:  "I attended Tyner High School, graduated in 1942.  Several Bonny Oaks students were in my class."
Click here to send an e-mail to Frank at fhpierce@icx.net

Larry Hamby - Tyner Friend
Message:  "I was at Tyner High from 1940 through 1944 and probably knew everyone from Bonny Oaks that was in high school during those years.  The boys had to milk several cows each morning before coming to school and again after football practice in the evenings.  I know of several that have passed away but remember so many more and I wonder whatever happened to them.  I won't mention names here but hope there is a directory of everyone somewhere that is accessible."  
Click here to send an email to Larry at LHamby9415@aol.com

Kerri (Beaver) La Viola - Friend to children of Bonny Oaks and Tyner Friend
Message:  "I was a good friend of Danette Beach and friends with many other kids from Bonny Oaks.  I have great memories of the times I spent there visiting and of the annual carnival.  One resident, Judy Clinton, became my foster sister and if anyone has any information on her, I would love to hear from you.  I'm also interested in any of the kids that were there and graduated from Tyner in 1982, especially Johnny Vickers."
Click here to send an email to Kerri at kelav@charter.net

Pamela Richie Lee - Jean Costello's granddaughter, Billie Raulston's niece, and Friend to many Bonny Oaks children
Message:  "I visited Bonny Oaks School frequently in the sixties when my grandmother, Jean Costello, and my aunt, Billie Raulston, lived and worked there.  I would take turns spending the night with Ma-Jean in her little girls building and with Aunt Bill in the Clinic.  I have many fond memories of visiting there and am thrilled to have been told about this website by Mrs. Adamson."
Click here to send an e-mail to Pam at geoffandpam@msn.com

Paula - Friend and Granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Crawley, Houseparents
Message:  "My grandparents were houseparents to the boys in Hagan Hall from the 1960's to 1970's.  They were Uyless and Hazel Crawley.  They loved their job and I always loved to come and stay with them so I could play with the boys.  My grandparents died in 1974 and 1976.  Would it be okay for me to put them in the registry?  Thank you for starting the web page, it means so much to me to look back and remember what the school meant to a lot of kids.  Paula"
Click here to send an e-mail to Paula at hefnwhel@email.msn.com

Mrs. Cordia Phillip and daughter, Paula Phillips -  Friends to Boyd-Buchanan Students from Bonny Oaks.
Message:  "My daughter, Paula Phillips, was in your class at Boyd Buchanan School in the 60's.  I was reading the paper and in it there is an article about you and your website.  I think of all of you often and remember the times that all of you were in school.  I ran the bookstore and helped in the cafeteria.  Paula lives in Georgia now and has a daughter." Mrs. Phillips would love to hear from any of the Boyd-Buchanan students.
Click here to send an e-mail to Mrs. Phillips at PPhill1217@aol.com
Some Boyd-Buchanan pictures from my scrapbook, Christine Haven:
bbkids.jpg (85716 bytes) Our first year at BB - this picture was a "reject" to be put in their Bulletin so they gave it to me.  I circled my head and my brother's head to show a family member when I sent it to them in the mail (like they couldn't pick us out, ha).
boyd_buchanan_football_team.jpg (64193 bytes)  Boyd-Buchanan Football Team 1963-1964 - I am glad I wrote all the boys names on the picture.
boydbuchanan_cheerleading_letter.jpg (41219 bytes) My Boyd-Buchanan cheerleading letter, pin denotes one year on the squad.
boyd_buchanan-8th_grade.jpg (34058 bytes)   Boyd Buchanan 8th Grade Class - 1963-64 - This is where I was sitting taking a Bible test when we got the news of John Kennedy just being shot in Dallas.
paula_phillips.jpg (15112 bytes)  Paula Phillips - I wrote on the back that she was my best friend, she wrote on the back "To Christine, To a kool, keen, kat, Paula"
jimmy_shaversbb.jpg (12686 bytes)  Jimmy Shavers at Boyd Buchanan
tommy_clevenger.jpg (23494 bytes)  Tommy Clevenger - Boyd Buchanan   arden_boydbuchanan.jpg (12255 bytes)  Arden - Boyd Buchanan
Boyd-Buchanan was a Church of Christ private school in Chattanooga and it was an academic opportunity that put my school work back on track after attending there two years.  I will always be grateful to them for the scholarships they provided to us.  I hope to get copies of the "Projector" and "Bulletins" soon to put on here.

Virginia Costello Richie -  Daughter of Mrs. Jean Costello
Message:  "I am delighted to see this website.  It's wonderful!  My children and I frequently recall fondly our times of being at Bonny Oaks when my mother was a housemother and later the Librarian during her seventeen years with the school.  My Aunt Billie worked in the Clinic for many years.  The memories of the campus and the people we knew there will always hold a special place in my heart."
Click here to send an email to Mrs. Richie at Rapidbronco@msn.com

Teri Nichols - Mr. Nick's Daughter & Friend to Bonny Oaks students
Message:  Teri found Christine Haven listed on the classmates.com section for Tyner High School, 1968.  Teri would love to hear from anyone from Bonny Oaks and will send pictures to the website.
Click here to send an email to Teri at teridance@knology.net

Dan Russell - Friend of Bonny Oaks and a 1965 Graduate of Tyner High School.
Message:  "I saw your web site, and am very happy to see that people are staying in touch. If there are any alumni from the sixties, please feel free to contact me. Oh, it really was sad to drive down Bonny Oaks Drive, and see that it is gone. I lived on Noah Reid Road until I joined the Navy in 1966. I'm retire, and live in Madisonville, TN now. Thanks, Dan"
Click here to email Dan at druss338@bellsouth.net

Karen Smith-Huffman - Tyner friend to many Bonny Oaks children
Friends from Bonny Oaks, Just discovered the web site and spent a lot of time just looking through it and remembering those days at Tyner Junior and High school and the kids at Bonny Oaks! I always thought of you all as very special people! I visited a dorm one day and remember there were 2 beds in a room. I thought that was neat! I was the only child still at home and somehow hungered for the closeness of your friendship! My daughter is on the committee for the Tyner High School 20th anniversary reunion of "1983" held this year(2003), in Mid-Aug. If you are interested in going, contact Jill Huffman Mull at jjmull1@cs.com. I left school in 1965 and married my childhood sweetheart, Mickey Huffman. He had left Tyner in 1964 and joined the Air Force. My sister-in-law is Sharron Huffman (now Ingram), who graduated in 1967 (when I was supposed to)! My brother-in-law is Jim Huffman, graduated from Tyner in 1959-or 60, I believe. Mickey and Jim played baseball for Tyner. Mickey and I have 2 beautiful daughters (Jill and Ashley). We also have 2 grandchildren who are the light of our lives. Mickey works at TVA. I finally graduated and attended college and work at Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga. My mom still lives on Stockton Drive and Mickey's step-mom still lives on Wimberly! Would love to hear from any of you all that remember any of us! Thanks for the memories! Karen Huffman
Click here to email Karen or her siblings at mamabear182001@yahoo.com



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