"Thank You, Mr. Adamson"

Pam Presley




Mr. Adamson - Happy Belated Birthday

I could only hope while raising my three boys - that I teach them the morals and values of life that you taught so many.  My son has a picture of you and him on his dresser that my mom took at your birthday party last year.  Growing up I can remember times when I would have rather faced my dad and an army of 50 men any day than to get caught doing something I wasnít suppose to by you.  You could give me a look and I would know not to do that anymore.

If mom and dad would have sent me to see you when I got into trouble I bet their parenting days would have been a lot easier.  Sometimes when you would catch me doing something wrong I would want to run and get behind Mrs. Adamson.  Ha, ha  I remember coming to your house on Christmas and thinking your tree was the biggest in the world.

You and Mrs. Adamson are like grandparents to me AND I AM SOOOOO PROUD TO SAY THAT.   I love you and THANK YOU for being a part of my life.  You are a TRUE HERO and Iím sure that is felt around the world.

Pam Presley

Sons of Pam
Grandsons of Pauline & Jesse Presley

Pam (red shirt, sitting)
2002 Reunion Watermelon cut hosted
by Ken Clay, sitting
Dana Presley, middle (Gregg's wife)


Pam and Gregg Presley with
mascot St. Bernard