"Thank You, Mr. Adamson"

Charles "Charley" Camp




May this be among the best and most glorious Birthdays you've ever experienced.

You and Mrs. Adamson know already that I am thrilled and proud to be numbered among hundreds of Bonny Oaks Alumni who owe you dearly.

Your personal caring for all of God's children --- your cheerful, patient and kind daily interaction with everyone --- and your effective Management know-how brought instant relief to 300+ boys and girls accustomed to doing without.

For the duration of WW II, we Bonny Oaks children presented to out-siders as rag-tag, somber, and accepting of whatever.  Deep down though we believed in Miracles.  Overnight it seems, YOU became our real-life MIRACLE --- and a Miracle-maker for Chattanooga's "underprivileged" children!

On this your 86th Birthday, I am reminded of my first encounter with "the young, slick, and new Bonny Oaks Supt." from the Greenville, TN Methodist Children's Home.  The feel and fragrance of that special memory provides contentment and a broad smile to this 71 year old retired Boys/Girls Club Youth Development Specialist.  Thank You.

Though I could not say it as a rambunctious adolescent youth during the mid-40s, following is the sentiment I sensed when meeting you and Mrs. Adamson:  "The Adamson PRESENCE is a PROMISE for more HOPEFUL tomorrows".  And how you accomplished so much with so little is still beyond me!

God bless you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY,

Charles W. "Charley" Camp and wife, Marie


Charley Camp and Dr. Harry Jackson - 2006



Charley Camp 1977

Charles 1957 - Bonny Oaks pool

Charley and sister, Mary Ann