"Thank You, Mr. Adamson"

Clarence Sumner


The one thing that stands out for me, other than the "normal" relationship with Mr. Adamson, which we all share, is while I was in the U.S. Marines I worked my way to "Choice of Duty Station", which I got.

I chose STATE DEPARTMENT SECURITY which is "Spit and Polish" duty, hard, but "if" you pass the school, you automatically get next rank and select duty.  I wanted to be an Ambassador Body Guard.  Well, I aced the school, 3rd in a class of 67 and got my Sergeant stripe.  Then I walked into Navy Intel for my security clearance and could not make them understand that “MR. ADAMSON” was my guardian on all my military records, next of kin, etc.  I had no one else that I knew of or where they were.

Well, they couldn’t understand our relationship.   Anyway, I missed the posting date which is only once a year and went to Twenty-Nine Palms, California as Nuclear Ordinance Security

Where would we be without a "MR. ADAMSON"!

Clarence and Mr. Adamson
In Mr. Adamson's office at Bonny Oaks 1960


Clarence in Military uniform visiting Bonny Oaks 1965