"Thank You, Mr. Adamson"

Lynda "Dianne Williams" Donley



I did remember Mr. Adamson's birthday and sent him a card. Also I wrote to Mrs. Adamson.  I just told them that they were special people in my life. They've known me since I was 10 yrs. old. I called Mr. and Mrs. Adamson after I had mailed them some photos while there.  Mr. Adamson answered the phone. When I told him it was me he said in a loud voice, "it is Lynda Dianne calling from California!"   I talked to Mrs. Adamson for some 20 minutes, her spirit is high and she keeps her laughter and so sweet sounding all the time.   I sent photos of my china cabinet with the tea cup set Mrs. A gave me. They loved those photos.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Adamson

Dianne Williams 1967

Dianne Williams and her
Bonny Oaks sponsor from
California, Martha Ray

Dianne Williams 1968