"Thank You, Mr. Adamson"

James Ellis



To Mr. Adamson, who I have a lot of thanks and gratitude. 

Before going to Bonny Oaks, without knowing it at the time, I had no self esteem, no real outlook on life, nothing to look forward to, no encouragement and was always called a little S.O.B. , skid row, or a little bastard; all that changed.

After I went to Bonny Oaks and met Mr. Adamson, in our first sit down meeting on campus, he gave me the uplifting encouragement that I never expected or even considered to receive from anyone.

Mr.  Adamson is the one who gave me encouragement to set higher goals for  achievements in the things I set out to do.   He was the first one to tell me I could do better than I was doing; rather than tell me I was a nobody and that I would never amount to anything as I was accustomed to hearing.

I learned structure, work ethics and how to cope with everyday life situations.  I am grateful that he allowed me to make important decisions on my own.  He taught me how to relate and talk to people in many situations.

His leadership, guidance and the experience as well as his religious and spiritual ethics I encountered at Bonny Oaks have been incorporated into every aspect of my life.  Without these I would surely have been doomed to failure.

With much more love and thankfulness than I could ever put into words. 

Love to Mr. & Mrs. Adamson,
James W. Ellis

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