"Thank You, Mr. Adamson"

Judy Brooks



I always seemed to like being called to the administration office.  Maybe it was because I felt like I needed attention, I'm not really sure.  Sometimes I know things that happened weren't the way they appeared.  Like the episode with Ms. Hudgins I will never forget it because I was young. I got accused of slapping Ms. Hudgins and it was not so. She later recanted what she had said, but it was too late and already on my record but we became best friends after that.  She took me to Atlanta, Georgia with her when she was trying to sell her home and she always tried to make it up to me.  

Mr. Adamson tried to warn me when my sister-in-law wanted to take me to PA way back in 68. He called me to his office and told me he could tell everything about a person by the type of shoes they wear and you know what? The man was very correct in the way he saw things. The things he said about this person to me when I was 14 were very true.

Just want you to know Mr. Adamson, I wish I had listened to you but I had to learn the hard way.  Take care and God Bless to all my old friends


Judy and Nate


Judy Brooks

Bonny Oaks 1964