Wanda Tankersley sent her Bonny Oaks photos to us - take a look - it will "take you back"!

girls_pedro_1961 2.jpg (18829 bytes) 1960 - Pedro, the donkey - Christine Haven, JoAnn?, Betty Chambers, ?_, Linda Moore, Virginia Walker, Linda Lusk, Ann Lusk, Wanda Tankersley, Mr. Bozza, and Patsy Miolen.
girls_pedro_1961 2.jpg (18829 bytes)    wanda_patsymiolen.jpg (27760 bytes) Wanda and Patsy Miolen on Pedro 

The following photos are of Mrs. Sally Turner, big girls housemother, whom we all dearly loved!

mrs_turner_1967.jpg (56461 bytes)   mrs_turner_bldgs.jpg (43859 bytes)    mrs_turner_church.jpg (30916 bytes)    mrs_turner_donandgerry.jpg (34145 bytes)    mrs_turner_knoxville.jpg (96367 bytes) 
mrs_turner_littlegirls.jpg (27778 bytes)  Mrs. Turner and little girls, Rita Smith, Tommie Smith, Mary Gaston, _?  mrs_turner_oakridge.jpg (32798 bytes) 
mrs_turner_retirement.jpg (37781 bytes)     A well deserved retirement.  mrs_turner_sundays.jpg (80238 bytes)    mrs_turners_girls.jpg (29034 bytes)  Mrs. Turner and big girls   mrs turner 1961.jpg (52444 bytes)    

The Big Girls:
wanda_juanita.jpg (13596 bytes)  Wanda Tankersley and ?

  pat_jackson.jpg (27717 bytes) Pat Jackson

pat_jackson_friends.jpg (23029 bytes) ?, Pat Jackson, ?

patricia jackson.jpg (28113 bytes) Pat Jackson

joyce_marshall.jpg (41422 bytes) Joyce Marshall

joyce_stover.jpg (11251 bytes) Joyce Stover
juanita_wanda.jpg (13573 bytes) Wanda T and ?

carolyn_tankersley_school2.jpg (24977 bytes) Carolyn Tankersley 
juanita_wanda_ann.jpg (21031 bytes) ?, Wanda, Ann Lusk

marilyn_and_barbara_cate.jpg (20048 bytes) Marilyn and Barbara Cate

mary_alice_shelton.jpg (34585 bytes) Mary Alice Shelton 
irene_stewart.jpg (13604 bytes) Irene Stewart

jeanette_helen_bolt.jpg (24780 bytes) Jeanette and Helen Bolt

big_girls_1961.jpg (38502 bytes) Joyce Stover, Mary Jo Bolt, Pat Jackson, Marie, Mary Shelton
big_girls.jpg (28937 bytes) Dance Routine

carolyn_tankersley.jpg (45521 bytes) Carolyn Tankersley

carol_west.jpg (21239 bytes) Carol West

carolyn_tankersley_school.jpg (22010 bytes) Carolyn Tankersley   
ann_linda_gloria.jpg (25008 bytes)  Ann, Linda Tankersley, Gloria

ann_lusk_school.jpg (18344 bytes) Ann Lusk

barbara.jpg (13047 bytes) Barbara Pierce

dining_room.jpg (24216 bytes) Dining Room

linda_tankersley.jpg (21030 bytes) Linda Tankersley

linda_tankersley_andgirls.jpg (32331 bytes) Linda Tankersley, Barbara Cate, Yvonne Harris

linda_wanda_tankersley.jpg (23746 bytes) Linda T and Wanda T.

nancy_driggans.jpg (23420 bytes)  Nancy Driggans

on_the_bus.jpg (27586 bytes) Trip on the bus, Mr. Adamson in front seat 

shirley_smith.jpg (16180 bytes)  Shirley Smith

susan_adams.jpg (34658 bytes) Susan Adams

sybol_jeanette_roberts.jpg (21194 bytes) Sybol and Jeanette Roberts

wanda_marcella.jpg (14736 bytes)   Wanda Tankersley and Marcella Shell

wanda_juanita_ann.jpg (14059 bytes) ?, Wanda T and Ann Lusk

wanda_pat_jackson.jpg (26062 bytes) Wanda Tankersley and Pat Jackson

wandat_barbara.jpg (23287 bytes)   Wanda T. and Barbara

    wandat_cheering.jpg (48822 bytes) Wanda Cheerleading Practice

yvonne_harris.jpg (15361 bytes)Yvonne Harris  

The Tankersley Family today:
  tankersley_family.jpg (32309 bytes) 

The Guys:
george_tankersley.jpg (11955 bytes)  George Tankersley  george_tankersley2.jpg (19965 bytes) George Tankersley

harry_jackson_sr_prom.jpg (16339 bytes) Wanda Tankersley and Harry Jackson, Harry's Senior Prom