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Item Pictures Description
25 1960 Washington Trip "FEATURING NANCY" Tankersley (about 10 or 11 years old)
25a 1954-1964-025a.jpg (39797 bytes) Nancy in front of Lincoln Memorial
25b 1954-1964-025b.jpg (31901 bytes) Nancy - Lincoln Memorial
25c 1954-1964-025c.jpg (35525 bytes) Nancy - Lincoln Memorial
25cc 1954-1964-025cc.jpg (21444 bytes) Nancy - Lincoln Memorial
25d 1954-1964-025d.jpg (31755 bytes) Nancy - Jefferson Memorial
25e 1954-1964-025e.jpg (25006 bytes) Nancy - Jefferson Memorial
25f 1954-1964-025f.jpg (29736 bytes) Nancy - Jefferson Memorial
26 Full Page Scanned
26a 1954-1964-026a.jpg (44806 bytes) The Mount Vernon - Boat that everyone rode down the Potomac.
26b 1954-1964-026b.jpg (62687 bytes) Nancy - In front of Capitol
26c 1954-1964-026c.jpg (51271 bytes) Nancy - Near Capitol
26d 1954-1964-026d.jpg (50108 bytes) Nancy - Iwo Jima Memorial
26e 1954-1964-026e.jpg (49236 bytes) Nancy - In front of National Botanical Gardens
26f 1954-1964-026f.jpg (39354 bytes) Nancy - At the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington, Virginia
27 Full Page Scan - "Some Casual Poses"
27a 1954-1964-027a.jpg (56799 bytes) Students sitting on the wall waiting to go through the White House
27b 1954-1964-027b.jpg (19784 bytes) Nancy Tankersley - Hotel Room
27c 1954-1964-027c.jpg (47995 bytes) Nancy and Linda Stevenson - Hotel Room
27d 1954-1964-027d.jpg (33012 bytes) Clarence Sumner
27e 1954-1964-027e.jpg (31262 bytes) Clarence Sumner - Harry Jackson - Nancy Tankersley
27f 1954-1964-027f.jpg (20434 bytes) Michael Adamson - Bonny Oaks Bus

1961 - The 8th Washington D.C. Trip

Featuring Betty Chambers and Pete Hale

28a 1954-1964-028a.jpg (59777 bytes) Bus gun fight - James Hurst (standing), Linda Presley (back seat), Pete Hale (middle seat), Auntie Margaret and Christine Haven (front seat) (See picture 29a where we have someone declaring to be the "winner"!)
28b 1954-1964-028b.jpg (60818 bytes) Betty and Pete watching the Guard
28c 1954-1964-028c.jpg (44450 bytes) Pete and Betty - Washington Monument in background
28d 1954-1964-028d.jpg (42842 bytes) Betty and Pete with Guard
28e 1954-1964-028e.jpg (47257 bytes) Tennessee Senator, Estes Kefauver - Our Host in Washington, D.C.
28f 1954-1964-028f.jpg (35333 bytes) Auntie Margaret Hankins and "Christine Haven" (I beg to differ)
29 Full page scan - 1961 Washington trip
29a 1954-1964-029a.jpg (43146 bytes) Bus Gun Fight - Harry Jackson, John Medley, Freddy Vandiver and Sharon Gattis
5/18/2003 Received this email from Harry Jackson about that day on the BonnyOaks Corral bus: "And ... I might add....that I won the Washington, D.C., trip Gun Fight of 1961!  Of course, others may have a different opinion! LOl  Thanks Christine ... It is so wonderful to walk down memory lane through the website!"
Any takers? Beware though, Harry is still well known as being a "straight shooter"!
29b 1954-1964-029b.jpg (39544 bytes) Mr. Davis (bus driver, Betty Chambers, Terry Harmon (Estes Kefauver's secretary), Margaret Hankins and Pete Hale (seated)
29c 1954-1964-029c.jpg (75443 bytes) Sitting on the sidewalk wall waiting to tour the White House - Freddy Vandiver, Sharon Gattis, Pete Hale, Betty Chambers, Auntie Margaret
29d 1954-1964-029d.jpg (82714 bytes) James Hurst
29e 1954-1964-029e.jpg (11584 bytes) Linda Presley
30 1954-1964-030.jpg (63424 bytes) 1961 Washington - Full scan page.
30a 1954-1964-030a.jpg (19036 bytes) Pete Hale and Roger Price (the "Hold it!!! I think you're going to like this picture" boy).
30b 1954-1964-030b.jpg (45786 bytes) Miss Margaret Hankins (Auntie Margaret, Mrs. Adamson's sister)
30c 1954-1964-030c.jpg (63275 bytes) Betty Chambers and Pete Hale in front of the hotel in Washington, D.C.
30d 1954-1964-030d.jpg (39403 bytes) Pete and Betty in front of Iwo Jima Memorial
30e 1954-1964-030e.jpg (39676 bytes) Auntie Margaret at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
30f 1954-1964-030f.jpg (44450 bytes) Pete and Betty at drinking fountain with Washington Monument in background
30g 1954-1964-030g.jpg (40139 bytes) Auntie Margaret and James Hurst
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