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1 1954-1964-001.jpg (65517 bytes) First page of the 1954-1964 Scrapbook listing the years the Washington, D.C. trips were made by the children.
2 1954-1964-002.jpg (81595 bytes)

1954 - Bonny Oaks' First Washington, D.C. Trip

Senator Estes Kefauver pictured with the children and adults in the Vice President's office, Washington, D.C.

2a 1954-1964-002a.jpg (97403 bytes) 1954 Group close-up:  Jimmy Hill, Patricia Jackson, Tommy Paige, Dana Lester Adams, Mack Cranfill, Jesse Presley, Jerry Presley, Mickey Walker, Wendell Cate, Mary Alice Shelton, Mary Jo Bolt, Barbara Durham, Harold Hensley and Harold Stewart.
Adults: Malcolm Adamson, Supt., Mrs. Annie Rawls, Counselor, Arnold Campbell, Principal, Frank Lewis, Bus Driver, and Tennessee Senator, Estes Kefauver.
3 1954-1964-003.jpg (70999 bytes) Full page view of newspaper clipping featuring Bonny Oaks' 1st Washington, D.C. trip.
3a 1954-1964-003a.jpg (134701 bytes) Larger print of newspaper article in above "4".  Article lists places to be visited and the group attended a WA Senators vs Baltimore Orioles game as guests of Joe Engel, Manager Ehlers and Clark Griffith.  Article also lists names of the Sponsors who made the first Washington trip possible.
3b 1954-1964-003b.jpg (116816 bytes) Larger print of "Thank You" newspaper article from above "4".
What an historical trip for this first group of Bonny Oaks children making the trip to Washington - The article lists the following as "greeting the children":
1. Tennessee Senator, Estes Kefauver
2. Texas Representative, Sam Rayburn
3. Senator, Margaret Chase Smith
4. Senator, John F. Kennedy
5. Speaker of the House, Joe Martin
6. Newspaper picture is taken in Vice President, Richard M. Nixon's, office.
3c 1954-1964-003c.jpg (115099 bytes) Larger view of newspaper picture to above articles in "4".
4 1954-1964-004.jpg (93406 bytes)

1955 - The Second Washington, D.C. Trip

Bottom row l-r: Jimmy Filyaw, Frank Elsea, Sam Brown, Gene McKeel, Bruce Baker, Larry Cate, Kenneth Chaviers, PeeWee Chambers.
Standing l-r: Betty Pack, Billie Tucker, Marilyn Cate, Martha Pitts, Mrs. Shaw, Malcolm M. Adamson (Supt), Warren Dodd (Driver, ex-East Ridge Commissioner), Shirley Smith, Diane Harris, Cynthia Dodd (Driver's daughter), and Patricia Cole.

5 1954-1964-005.jpg (80836 bytes) 1955 - Newspaper article on Bonny Oaks' 2nd Washington trip.
5a 1954-1964-005a.jpg (96349 bytes) Larger view of newspaper picture in above "9".
5b 1954-1964-005b.jpg (100943 bytes) Larger view of newspaper article on 1955 Washington trip. First mention of the trips being called the "Good Citizenship Tour".
5c 1954-1964-005c.jpg (107817 bytes) Larger view of newspaper article in "9" above.
6 1954-1964-006.jpg (69051 bytes) 1955 Good Citizenship Tour - In the Senate building during the Dixon-Tate Hearings.  Pictured with Senator Estes Kefauver.  Picture is also signed by Senator Kefauver.
6a 1954-1964-006a.jpg (58155 bytes) Close-up view of Senate picture "13" above.
7 1954-1964-007.jpg (76289 bytes)

1956 - The Third Washington, D.C. Trip

Newspaper article on the third Washington trip.
7a 1954-1964-007a.jpg (103161 bytes) 1956 Newspaper article on the "Citizenship Trip".  Pictured with some of the Bonny Oaks group is Mr. Elbert Long.  Mr. J.Chalmer Harper and Mr. James VanCleave are Co-chairman for the Bar Group, who were big sponsors of the Washington trips.  The trips were sponsored by the generosity of the business community, most notably, the Chattanooga Bar Association.
7b 1954-1964-007b.jpg (115175 bytes) 1956 Group:  Susan Adams, Jeanette Bolt, Sue Bozza, Shirley Smith, Claudia Trimby, Larry Dillard, Donnie Cole, Lee (Red) Beck, Richard Hinsinger, John Bramlett, Jerry Presley, Kenneth Walker, Fred Bramlett, Harry Jackson and Jerry Mathis.  Adults: Mr. and Mrs. Adamson, Warren Dodd (driver).
Included in this article is a list of the generous sponsors that made the trip possible.
8 1954-1964-008.jpg (55472 bytes) Tennessee Senator, Estes Kefauver, was host to the Bonny Oaks students on many of the Washington trips.
9 1954-1964-009.jpg (76685 bytes)

1957 - The Fourth Washington, D.C. Trip

Group picture in Senator Estes Kefauver's office.
9a 1954-1964-009a.jpg (117298 bytes) Group photo close-up of "19" above.  Names of the children on the 1957 trip are:
Front row: Thomas Hayes, Linda Presley (from Vine Street), Juanita Haven (from Vine Street), Hester Friar, Roy Tucker, Raymond Hill, Judy Clayton, Larry Ellis, Susie McDonald, Kenneth Chaviers, Sue Bozza, Opal Whitaker, Raymond Pack, John Bramlett and Gene Hill.
Back row: Warren Dodd (driver), Clarence Sumner, Ronnie Yarbrough, Senator Estes Kefauver, Jimmy Mathis, Ann Gregory, and Malcolm M. Adamson, Supt.
10 1954-1964-010.jpg (62658 bytes) Newspaper picture of the 1957 Washington, D.C. group.
10a 1954-1964-010a.jpg (100708 bytes) August 10, 1957 - Close-up of newspaper picture.
10b 1954-1964-010b.jpg (63801 bytes) Close-up of names on the 1957 trip, written by Mrs. Costello.
11 1954-1964-011.jpg (116694 bytes) 1957 Washington trip - Ronald Yarbrough, Bonny Oaks student, wrote a series of trip reports about the Washington trip for the Chattanooga News-Free Press.
11a 1954-1964-011a.jpg (109992 bytes) Ronald Yarbrough's newspaper article, Bonny Oaks Washington Trip Begins With High Enthusiasm, dated 8/6/1957.
11b 1954-1964-011b.jpg (135549 bytes) Ronald Yarbrough's newspaper article, Youths on Way to Capital Thrilled by Monticello Tour, dated 8/7/1957.
Thomas Hayes won the dollar bill taped to the bus mirror when he spied the Washington Monument first.
11c 1954-1964-011c.jpg (147926 bytes) Ronald Yarbrough's newspaper article, Students Discover Firsthand Study in Capitol Interesting, dated 8/8/1957.
When at the Senate, Ronnie noted how uninterested the only six Senators in attendance for the meeting seemed to be.  The group also listened in on the McClellan Committee investigating labor racketeering.
11d 1954-1964-011d.jpg (119123 bytes) Ronald Yarbrough's newspaper article, Washington Sights Likened To 'Pages of History Book', dated 8/9/1957.
12 1954-1964-012.jpg (100331 bytes) Ronald Yarbrough's newspaper article, Church's Beauty Impresses Bonny Oaks School Visitors, dated 8/10/1957.
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