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This page contains scanned images of the Acorns news bulletins/pamphlets Mr. Adamson created and printed several times a year from the basement of the office building, also more "Good Reading".  If you have any of these pamphlets to submit for scanning or can send me your own scanned images of them, please let me know at texasbonny@yahoo.com

  It will be greatly appreciated by all!  Also, the "years" mentioned for some of these Acorns are as close as I could make.  If you see one that you know its definite year is something other than what I have, please let me know and I can change it.  Thanks

"Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow"         

I received a letter from Mr. Adamson today, 12/22/00, and immediately wanted to share excerpts with you.  It applies to all of us under his tenure.  I don't think he will mind me sharing it with you.

" ....Thought you may be interested in knowing that the slogan "Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow" is a corruption of a line from a poem that states ' Tall Oaks, Etc.' but frequently the kids at BOS would ask me 'does that mean we are little nuts?' and that gave me opportunity to advance my philosophy of child care to them or anyone who would listen.  So I would often give a little speech!

'Yep, it could be!  Have you ever thought about the potential of an acorn?  It, too, is a nut but there is no limit to what it can do and become.  Take that acorn, nourish it and look what happens, a big and mighty Oak tree...one that enhances the whole universe with its ability to give off oxygen for you to breathe...it goes further than that.  It grows to a mighty tree giving sustenance to the birds of the air and the squirrels on the ground...it gives cooling shade to all who wish to rest in it's shadow...it grows tall and mighty like the many that are growing in our back yard that give untold beauty to the landscape...but it does not stop there...a Woodsman comes along and cuts it (dead) but it still gives because the Sawmiller comes and makes boards and planks...and the Builder comes along and makes a home out of it for a family where they are warm, safe and happy...and their boys and girls go out from there happy, productive citizens, glorifying God and serving others.


Mrs. A and I came to BOS with all that in mind...to nourish all the boys and girls coming to us at BOS by loving them, encouraging them toward a better life and development of their potential.  Sorry to say: It didn't work with everyone...to our eternal regret.  But neither does it work with every acorn that falls to the ground.  Some lie there, rot or eaten by vermin, or dry up or wash away in the gutters...do you recognize the reference to the story Jesus told about the 'Sower'???'

So, it was my ambition to rescue every acorn...nourish it so that it could and would develop and accomplish it's potential.  I daily thank God that it worked with you and most of all the boys and girls over the years.  You have proved it and are making a great effort to carry it on in recognition of the Alumni of BOS.  I rejoice with you at every one of them that respond to your efforts....."

Thank you,
Mr. and Mrs. Adamson



The "Acorns" write home

When Bonny Oaks commemorated it's 50th Anniversary in 1944, during World War II, many of our brothers and sisters were serving in the Armed Forces.  Below is a page taken from the 50th Anniversary booklet of their letters writing home - their "home" was Bonny Oaks.  More letters from our Servicemen are in the Alumni Association responses below.

letters_home_from_ww2.jpg (98474 bytes)

In the spring of 1944, Eleanor Benning (Davis), alumnus and later staff member, first mentioned her idea of an Alumni Association, to be comprised of former students.  Here are some of the letters she received regarding an Alumni Association back in 1944.  Letters came from around the world as many of the alumni were serving during World War II at the time.

letters_about_alumni_association1.jpg (131078 bytes)

letters_about_alumni_association2.jpg (137961 bytes)

Eleanor Benning (Davis), alumni, wrote "A Real Home" , below, which is also included in Bonny Oaks' 50th Anniversary booklet.  Eleanor and other Bonny Oaks girls are pictured behind the 1935 Peach Crop.

davis_eleanor_real_home.jpg (100912 bytes)

Saturday, December 29, 2001

website_article_3a_12-29-01.jpg (92075 bytes)

website_article_2a_12-29-01.jpg (191119 bytes)

Thank you, Susan Pierce - Staff Writer, for doing such a nice article about the website.

Letter to the Editor
camp_ltr_to_editor1.jpg (18833 bytes)    camp_ltr_to_editor2.jpg (56573 bytes)


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If you have any newspaper articles about Bonny Oaks, please send them, or a good copy of the article, to the website so we can all read them.
Email to texasbonny@yahoo.com

Click here to view January 2, 2011 Newspaper Reprint Summary about Bonny Oaks School


Below are the names of all residents
who were living at Bonny Oaks when
the U.S. Census was taken for the years:


The U.S. Census records on population, collected every ten (10) years, is only released to the public once 72 years have passed since it was taken.
We have a great start here since Bonny Oaks was started in 1896, the first census taken at Bonny Oaks was in 1900.

Thank you, James Ellis, for working on this idea with me at the library in Chattanooga, Mar 2002. 








"Just a touch of trivia found in some of the
ACORNS below"

1.  Who first started the Library Fund for the boys and girls?  The year was 1953, and first donations were by Sears, Roebuck and Co. of Chattanooga, the Auxiliary of the Moose Club, the Beta Group of the Pi Beta Phi Book Club of UC, and the Hiener Printing Company of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

2.  The Chattanooga Pilot Club donated, among a host of other things, the RCA-400, sound, movie projector!  Remember all the fun we had watching movies in the office building basement?  David Shell provided the movies.

3.  Did you go on the Washington trip in 1954, 1955? The Chattanooga Bar Association, under direction of Attorney and Grand Jury Foreman, James Van Cleave, sponsored it!  Is he still around for you to thank him?

4.  The beautiful altar set at the Chapel?  It was donated by the Chattanooga Pilot Club too.

5.  Parakeets?  There were 21 of them owned by the kids, thanks to Lester Reardon of East Ridge, he raised parakeets.

6.  The Clinic's name:  Will Shepherd Memorial Clinic - remodeled in 1955 by the Civitans.

7.  The "Sign" out by the road (pictured on Home Page) was erected in 1955.

8.  Remember the one birthday present you were "guaranteed" to get?  It came from a Chattanooga Civitan Club member's own pocket and was personally delivered by the member.  They were fantastic to us!  Once such present led to the idea of building our swimming pool (Mr. Coleman was the member), read about it in the 1956 Acorns.

9.  Visitation Day was the first Sunday of each month, from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M.

10.  In 1954, Mr. Adamson was President of the Tennessee Association of Child-Caring institutions.

11.  The Bonny Oaks flag was a United States Flag given to us by Tennessee Senator Estes Kefauver and his aide, Jimmy Deakins.  ("I can still remember trying to learn how to spell his name for the Washington trip question".)  The flag had originally flown over our Nations Capital in Washington, D.C.

12.  Sunday Chapel always started at 2:30 P.M.

13.  1954 - Kay's Ice Cream sent over two hundred dozen Popsicles!!!

14.  There are pictures of Bonny Oaks School on Page 30 in Hiener's Pictoral history "CHATTANOOGA, YESTERDAY AND TODAY".  Do you have the book?  I can't find it anywhere, so far.

UPDATE:  The book was been located on the Barnes & Noble Bookstore's website.  I contacted the owner, Mr. Ed Treverton, and he so kindly, swiftly sent us a copy of the two pictures of Bonny Oaks on Page 30.  If you buy rare books or are even in one of the pictures, it would be wonderful to own a piece of Bonny Oaks history plus a book containing thousands of pictures of Chattanooga.  And a wonderful way to show Mr. Treverton our appreciation.

page30-1.jpg (25441 bytes)    page30-2.jpg (51762 bytes)  
cov.jpg (19096 bytes)
Chattanooga, Yesterday and Today - Volume II
Bonny Oaks Pictures from Page 30

The book is out of print and listed under "Rare Books"
Price: $200.00 for the four volume set.
The E.N. Treverton Company 
is located in Asheville, North Carolina
Email:  e.treverton@worldnet.att.net
115 Cisco Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28805
Fax: 828-298-2222

15.  "Remember the boys and girls of The Bonny Oaks School in your Will!"  (How many times have we seen those words?)  God Bless Them, they did!

16.  1958 and 1961 Washington D.C. trip sponsored by Civitan member, J. Chalmer Harper (I went in 1961).

17.  A few attended activities mentioned and pictured in different Acorns: skating, movies, opera, Grand Ole Opr'y, Golden Gloves, Roller Derby, wrestling, church camps, scout activities, ball games, circus, Holiday on Ice, fairs, concerts, minstrel, theatre, carnivals, egg hunts, rodeo, Marine Band Concert, Halloween, Christmas parties, swimming, band, piano, chorus, nature field trips, watermelon cuts.........

18.  The bus was called the "Be Happy" bus in 1956.

19.  In 1958, mention was made of "waiting for the newly designed flag including Alaska to come".

20.  The beautiful ante bellum home (Superintendent's House to us) was built in 1854 by a wealthy land owner, Jarrett G. Dent, and was accepted for listing by the National Register of Historic Places.  Research experts say the house is the only relatively pure example of Greek Revival architecture in Hamilton County.  It was just purchased in March 2001 by the Chattanooga Church (our Chapel) and will be undergoing renovation to restore to it's original state.  It will be used for Sunday classes and events.

The Acorns - 1951
acorn_1951_pg1.jpg (81694 bytes)    acorns_1951_-_2.jpg (62093 bytes)   acorns_1951_-_3.jpg (65520 bytes)    acorns_1951_-_4.jpg (27118 bytes)

The Acorns - 1952
 acorn_1952_pg1.jpg (72254 bytes)    acorn_1952_pg2.jpg (109441 bytes)    acorns_1952_-_3.jpg (68503 bytes)

The Acorns - 1953
acorn_1953_pg1.jpg (74892 bytes)    acorns_1953_-_2.jpg (71446 bytes)    acorns_1953_-_3.jpg (72999 bytes)    acorns_1953_-_4.jpg (75755 bytes)

The Acorns - 1954
acorns_1954_-_1.jpg (55895 bytes)    acorns_1954_-_2.jpg (67491 bytes)    acorns_1954_-_3.jpg (71369 bytes)    acorns_1954_-_4.jpg (73729 bytes)

The Acorns - 1955
acorns_1955_-_1.jpg (38195 bytes)    acorns_1955_-_2.jpg (54433 bytes)    acorns_1955_-_3.jpg (55762 bytes)    acorns_1955_-_4.jpg (58815 bytes)

The Acorns - 1956
acorns_1956_-_1.jpg (60662 bytes)    acorns_1956_-_2.jpg (77684 bytes)    acorns_1956_-_3.jpg (32738 bytes)    acorns_1956_-_4.jpg (36510 bytes)

The Acorns - 1957
acorns_1957_-_1.jpg (45303 bytes)    acorns_1957_-_2.jpg (58139 bytes)    acorns_1957_-_3.jpg (51882 bytes)    acorns_1957_-_4.jpg (63526 bytes)

The Acorns - 1958
acorns_1958_-_1.jpg (57650 bytes)    acorns_1958_-_2.jpg (55296 bytes)    acorns_1958_-_3.jpg (51696 bytes)    acorns_1958_-_4.jpg (33808 bytes)

The Acorns - 1959
acorns_1959_-_1.jpg (45373 bytes)    acorns_1959_-_2.jpg (41443 bytes)    acorns_1959_-_3.jpg (41636 bytes)    acorns_1959_-_4.jpg (61137 bytes)

The Acorns - 1960
acorns_1960_-_1.jpg (29849 bytes)  test.jpg (234647 bytes) acorns_1960_-_3.jpg (61556 bytes)    acorns_1960_-_4.jpg (45438 bytes)

The Acorns - 1961
acorns_1961_-_1.jpg (50088 bytes)    acorns_1961_-_2.jpg (50426 bytes)    acorns_1961_-_3.jpg (60626 bytes)    acorns_1961_-_4.jpg (48521 bytes)

The Acorns - 1962
acorns_1962_-_1.jpg (43265 bytes)    acorns_1962_-_2.jpg (57574 bytes)    acorns_1962_-_3.jpg (40448 bytes)    acorns_1962_-_4.jpg (55315 bytes)

The Acorns - 1963
acorns_1963_-_1.jpg (42814 bytes)    acorns_1963_-_2.jpg (51148 bytes)    acorns_1963_-_3.jpg (54244 bytes)    acorns_1963_-_4.jpg (66956 bytes)

The Acorns - 1965
acorns_1965_-_1.jpg (26504 bytes)    acorns_1965_-_2.jpg (50829 bytes)    acorns_1965_-_3.jpg (51923 bytes)    acorns_1965_-_4.jpg (73450 bytes)

The Acorns - 1966
acorns_1966_-_1.jpg (41164 bytes)    acorns_1966_-_2.jpg (54160 bytes)    acorns_1966_-_3.jpg (55064 bytes)    acorns_1966_-_4.jpg (69881 bytes) 
acorns_1966a_-_1.jpg (24967 bytes)    acorns_1966a_-_2.jpg (66951 bytes)    acorns_1966a_-_3.jpg (56343 bytes)    acorns_1966a_-_4.jpg (37070 bytes)

The Acorns - 1967
acorns_1967_-_1.jpg (32728 bytes)    acorns_1967_-_2.jpg (64632 bytes)    acorns_1967_-_3.jpg (49052 bytes)    acorns_1967_-_4.jpg (42589 bytes)

The Acorns - 1968
acorns_1968_-_1.jpg (49099 bytes)    acorns_1968_-_2.jpg (54114 bytes)    acorns_1968_-_3.jpg (61098 bytes)    acorns_1968_-_4.jpg (52909 bytes)

The Acorns - 1970
acorns_1970s_-_1.jpg (41522 bytes)    acorns_1970s_-_2.jpg (54649 bytes)    acorns_1970s_-_3.jpg (56366 bytes)    acorns_1970s_-_4.jpg (31822 bytes)

The Acorns - Late 1970's

acorns_late_1970s_1.jpg (81057 bytes)    acorns_late_1970s_2.jpg (154712 bytes)    acorns_late_1970s_3.jpg (168926 bytes)    acorns_late_1970s_4.jpg (150278 bytes)

The Acorns - 1972
acorns_1972_-_1.jpg (39069 bytes)    acorns_1972_-_2.jpg (49783 bytes)    acorns_1972_-_3.jpg (52004 bytes)    acorns_1972_-_4.jpg (55757 bytes)

The Acorns - 1980
acorns_1980_-_1.jpg (29382 bytes)    acorns_1980_-_1a.jpg (26209 bytes)    acorns_1980_-_2.jpg (53914 bytes)   acorns_1980_-_3.jpg (60710 bytes)     acorns_1980_-_4.jpg (48971 bytes)

The Acorns - 1981
acorns_1981_-_1.jpg (35968 bytes)    acorns_1981_-_2.jpg (49369 bytes)    acorns_1981_-_3.jpg (53569 bytes)    acorns_1981_-_4.jpg (82805 bytes)

hagan_day_1956_-_1.jpg (25341 bytes)    hagan_day_1956_-_2.jpg (21570 bytes)    hagan_day_1956_-_3.jpg (35438 bytes)    hagan_day_1956_-_4.jpg (5887 bytes)
Hagan Day - June 3, 1956 - By Proclamation

keese_commem_1959_-_1.jpg (24295 bytes)    keese_commem_1959_-_2.jpg (46989 bytes)    keese_commem_1959_-_3.jpg (50659 bytes)    keese_commem_1959_-_4.jpg (34244 bytes)
Mrs. William S. Keese, Sr. - Service of Commemoration
"Mother of Bonny Oaks School" - 1959

Easter_Sunrise_Program_1966a.jpg (22968 bytes)    Easter_Sunrise_Program_1966b.jpg (30419 bytes)    Easter_Sunrise_Program_1966c.jpg (25582 bytes)
Easter Sunrise Service at Bonny Oaks - 4/10/1966

half-century_club_picnic.jpg (56080 bytes)    Half-Century Club Picnic - 1980's (?)

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